60 Days of Spinning®

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Two months of weekly training tips, nutrition advice, and guides to all things Spinning®

60 Days of Spinning®

We've been sharing training tips, nutrition advice, and guides to all things Spinning® for the past two months to make your fitness journey into summer that much better (and more fun!). We're closing out our 60 days with the science of EPOC, detoxing, and summer weight loss tips!

Thank you for joining our 60 Day journey! Stay strong and keep Spinning®!

Training Tips

Jennifer Ward, RD, LDN, CLC, CPT

A small tweak to the intensity or structure of your workouts can elevate the phenomenon known as excessive post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) for hours after your workouts are over.
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Spinning® Central

Marc Bubbs ND, BSc, CSCS, ART

Recent studies found that exercise improves liver function and decreases liver enzymes, which reflects the overall burden on the liver.
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John Cargill, Spinning® Master Instructor

Summer is coming! To celebrate the season of beach days and outdoor fun, here are 11 tips for getting and staying in shape over the summer months.
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Tip Tuesday
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