60 Days of Spinning®

Train Like A Pro

Two months of weekly training tips, nutrition advice, and guides to all things Spinning®! Get a FREE Spinning® Towel Trio with purchase of any bike!

60 Days of Spinning®

Every week for the next two months, we're sharing training tips, nutrition advice, and guides to all things Spinning® to make your fitness journey into summer that much better (and more fun!). This week, we're talking recovery strategies, nutrient timing, and the interplay between pedal stroke and resistance.

This week, get a FREE Spinning® Towel Trio with purchase of any Spinner® bike! You'll get a three-pack of our branded, two-sided reverse design towels in black/red, black/blue, and black/white.

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Training Tips

Lynda Wallenfels

As you gear up for this season, remember to strive for progressive gains through a sensible training program that includes good nutrition, adequate sleep, stretching and well-deserved time for recovery.
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Spinning® Central

Sabrina Fairchild

When resistance is coupled with a refined pedal stroke, riders will notice physical benefits and a greater ability to focus mentally.
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Jenna Corbin

There is still much to learn about nutrient timing in regards to specifically what, how much to have, and when to have it; recent literature, as well as experience in the field, provides us with some current practical guidance.
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Tip Tuesday
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