With more than 250,000 Certified Spinning® Instructors in 80 countries, Spinning® is the world's most widely recognized indoor cycling education program. To get certified or advance your knowledge and skills, start here to find an Spinning® Instructor Certification or Continuing Education workshop.

There are three ways to take a course.
You can choose between a virtual training, live training, or online course.

Virtual Trainings
Virtual Training

A virtual training is led by a Master Instructor via a Zoom meeting. There is no in-person gathering and you are in your own home or anywhere that you can access the Zoom meeting.

We also offer virtual onsite trainings to allow small groups to gather at a facility, while the Master Instructor conducts the training via Zoom on a large screen.

Live Trainings
Live Training

A live training is led by a Master Instructor in a group setting at a Spinning® facility.
Search by location to find a training near you.

    Online Courses
    Online Courses

    An online course is one that you complete entirely at your own pace from any Internet connected computer or device.

    More Options
    More Options

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    Bring the Master Instructor to you and host your own training.

    To view all upcoming trainings in the US and Canada use this calendar tool to see what’s happening each month.

    For trainings outside of the US and Canada, please contact the representative for that region.