Job Board

Job Board

There are millions of people all over the world seeking to combine their passion for fitness with work. That's why so many members of the Spinning® community have decided to become Certified Spinning® Instructors – a title that empowers fitness enthusiasts to advance their career doing what they love.

The best place to apply your trade as a Spinning® instructor is at an Official Spinning® Facility. Official Spinning® Facilities exclusively use Spinner® bikes (the official indoor cycling bike of the Spinning® program), employ only Certified Spinning® Instructors and can post job openings on the Spinning® Job Board.

On the Spinning® Job Board, you will find new and exciting opportunities to land the most coveted indoor cycling jobs around the globe. Our Job Board is the ideal place to find Spinning® instructor jobs. It directs you to Official Spinning® Facilities worldwide that are currently hiring.

What to Expect

Indoor cycling is a fitness activity enjoyed all across the globe, and Spinning® is the world leader in this category with over 250,000 instructors leading classes in over 80 countries. Whether you're looking for an excuse to travel or a new position in your hometown, there are many Spinning® instructor jobs available right now. Along with Spinning® instructor jobs, you can also find full-time and part-time positions as a yoga, Pilates or aquatics instructor. There are even jobs working as a personal trainer!

Stand out from the Pack

The best way to stand out from other candidates for a job as a Certified Spinning® Instructor is with our advanced certifications and continuing education program. We offer dozens of ways to earn continuing education credits (CECs) at your convenience with live workshops, online courses, newsletter quizzes and at conferences like the World Spinning® and Sports Conditioning (WSSC) conference. Continuing education helps you improve your skills, enables you to attract more students, and increase your odds of landing your dream job!

Why Choose Spinning®?

Spinning® invented indoor cycling over 25 years ago, and we remain committed to providing the best classes, programs and education in the industry. By pursuing Spinning® instructor jobs, you're joining a winning team and a global phenomenon that has helped millions of riders get into the best shape of their lives. Get ready to make a positive impact on people's health and wellness, and become a leader in the Spinning® program today!