Spinning® Events

Keep current with all things indoor cycling and join us at fitness Conferences & Tradeshows. We offer continuing education workshops and showcase our top-of-the-line products at Conferences & Tradeshows across the globe. If you like the connections and knowledge you gain at industry events, you'll also want to attend our annual World Spinning® Experience Miami (formerly WSSC)!

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Spinning® Global Rides

03-05 November 2023 Spinning® Inspriration Days 2023 - "ESX" Netherlands
10-11 November 2023 WeFitness Spinning® Marathon Netherlands
2 December 2023 Spinning® Day 2023 Germany
21-24 March 2024 PROS:2024 United Kingdom
20-24 June 2024 Spinning® Power Zone 2024 - Sun & Sky Malta