Class Profiles and Playlist

Class Profiles & Playlists


Inspired, curated, delivered to you.

Undoubtedly one of the most loved benefits of SPIN® membership, class profiles and playlists are created, tested and perfected by Master Instructors, and delivered monthly to your inbox. Searching for music and designing classes can be one of the most creative aspects of being a Spinning® instructor, but it’s also the most time-consuming. That’s why SPIN® members live for this feature. You’ll discover new music, learn new coaching cues, and will be inspired by themes and journey rides from the global MI Team. You’ll always have fresh ideas for your classes, whether you lead the rides exactly as written or blend in elements of your own. Plus, as you build your library of songs and profiles you can revisit your favorites and even mix and match to change things up. It just keeps getting better.

The best part? It’s free for SPIN® Members.

Become a SPIN® Member and each month you’ll receive 4 turnkey class profiles complete with:

  • Class description with training objectives
  • Easy-to-follow guide to the timing, movements, cadence and intensity
  • Sample cues to use for technique, motivation and metrics
  • Spotify playlists with songs curated specifically for the ride
Nestor Salinas

I love the mind-body connection of Spinning® and the relationship between the ride and the music. When I create profiles and playlists I like to use songs that boost your workout and emotions by reflecting exactly what you're doing in the moment.

Nestor Salinas
Spinning® Master Instructor

Oana Terteleac

With every class I teach, I hope to give participants a sense of freedom and achievement. I create profiles and playlists with that in mind. Music is the frame; it gives it shape and allows you to project yourself within it.

Oana Terteleac
Spinning® Master Instructor