Bridge Certification Program

Spinning® Bridge Certification Program

You’re closer than you think.

The Spinning® Bridge program is a condensed course for instructors who have been previously certified in other indoor cycling programs. Earn the globally recognized Spinning Instructor Certification with this convenient online course.

Why Bridge?

The goal of the Bridge Certification is to allow professionals who are already certified by other indoor cycling organizations to be recognized as an official Certified Spinning Instructor. Apply your knowledge and experience and take the next step in joining the original, authentic Spinning community.

You will learn cornerstone elements of Spinning education, including:

  • Optimal bike fit settings for yourself and others
  • How key design features like weighted flywheels and narrow Q factors make Spinner® bikes the most enjoyable and biomechanically efficient to ride
  • Cyclist-inspired riding technique for safety and performance
  • Coaching methods based on visualization, imagery and metrics
  • Science-based class-design principles

Level Up

The Bridge program also serves as an entryway into the Spinning® Instructor Certification Pathway. Once you complete the Bridge program, you’ll be recognized as a Level 1 Spinning Instructor, and you’ll be eligible to advance to Levels 2 and 3 with the SPINPower and Rockstar certifications.