Continuing Education

Continuing Education

Learn, grow, level up.

After becoming a Certified Spinning® Instructor there are countless ways to continue your education journey and earn the 14 SPIN® continuing education credits (CECs) you need for certification renewal every two years. The Spinning® continuing education library covers a broad variety of online and live courses to keep your skills fresh, your motivation strong, and your classes packed. If you’re certified by ACE, AFAA or NASM, you’ll also earn CECs toward those certifications.
Climb to Level 2—Advanced and Level 3—Elite to lead the pack as a top instructor.
Explore the options, choose your path, enjoy the ride.

Find a Live Training
Find a Live Training

Taking a specialty certification like SPINPower® or Rockstar Instructor will provide all 14 CECs in one 9-hour course. We also offer 2-hour workshops worth 3 CECs and 4-hour workshops worth 6 CECs that focus on skills like class design, cueing, creative coaching, zone training, training with power, and more. Find a workshop in your area, or host a training and we’ll send a Master Instructor to you!

Online Learning
Sign up for Online Learning

Browse the library of quick quizzes and courses ranging from 2 - 8 hours long that you can complete on your own time from a computer, laptop or tablet.

Attend a Conference
Attend a Conference

The annual World Spinning® Experience (WSX) in Miami, Florida is an exhilarating, immersive experience where Spinning instructors can earn all 14 CECs in one weekend. Spinning Master Instructors also present workshops at other industry events throughout the world. Find the current listing on our Events page.

Petitions for Credits
Petition for Credits

You can also earn up to 6 SPIN® CECs from other education courses related to your skills as a Spinning instructor. You’ll find more information and a petition application here.

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