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Reflecting on 2023 Highlights

Reflecting on 2023 Highlights

Posted by Spinning on Jan 4th 2024

2023 proved to be a very special year indeed for Spinning®. As we reflect on some of the highlights, there are a few that stand out – like the growing popularity of the Spinning® App – and we want to share them with you in review. Because as we clip in to take 2024 by storm, we look back in gratitude at these achievements – and we are thankful for the tireless effort and commitment of Mad Dogg Athletics employees, Spinning® facilities, instructors and enthusiasts alike who brought Spinning® to life this year.


Our Spinning® App community has grown around the world! The most dedicated members completed more than 100 rides each in 2023, and 60% are training smarter with heart rate monitors, cadence sensors or power meters. We see you, home riders! You’re crushing it! Thanks for riding, and thanks for rating the classes an average of 4.9 out of 5 stars! Our Instructor Team will continue to show up with fresh new, motivating workouts every week in 2024, so stay tuned. If you’re not yet riding with us, learn how you can get connected and try it out for free!


We unveiled our newest line of commercial Spinner® bikes in 2023, and there’s never been a line-up like this one. True to our commitment and heritage, they are known as the best bikes available in the market today. The first thing you’ll notice about the new lineup is that all the bikes possess fast, sleek and sexy aesthetics. You’ll be drawn to their stunning look whether you ride, teach, or equip your studio with them. And their beauty runs deep. Beyond the graceful lines, our bikes are loaded with technical details and design elements engineered for all users.

At the top of the line is the all-new Chrono® with design and technology improvements that make it a true standout, even when compared to the much-loved previous Chrono® model. Meet the all-new Chrono® here!


Drum roll, please… World Spinning® Experience (formerly the World Spinning® & Sports Conference) was held September 7th – 10th in beautiful Miami! The World Spinning® Experience (WSX) brought together Spinning® instructors and enthusiasts from all over the world to enjoy four days of Spinning® rides, education and unrivaled camaraderie with top Spinning® Master Instructors and the world’s largest indoor cycling community.

When the Covid-19 pandemic sidelined WSSC 2020, it was the first time in over 20 years that we didn’t get the opportunity to gather the global Spinning® community for our annual event. Since then, we’ve stayed true to our mission of developing the Spinning® program and a new slate of education that’s designed to bring your teaching skills and program to new heights. WSX Miami is where it all came together in 2023! Read more from CEO & Founder of Mad Dogg Athletics, John Baudhuin’s special message about WSX.


The year’s final highlight was the creation of mini “online courses” featuring monthly profiles from our top Master Instructors. Throughout the fall and winter, these Profile Kits, available to Spin® members in this “trial run,” featured class profiles with detailed coaching and cueing notes and links to corresponding playlists as well as videos from each instructor, detailing the ride’s intention, highlights and special features to make note of when using the profile.

Our Master Instructors proved to be highly creative with the creation of these kits – some even provided bonus content like MixMeister playlists and unique Profile Zone Charts. The feedback we received on the Spin® Profile Kits was overwhelmingly positive, and there is consideration of whether to make them a staple going forward.

What’s sure to note is that with 2024, we are all excited to continue bringing you the best of what Spinning® has to offer – whether it’s a bike, app or education. Onward we go into 2024 – ride with us!