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“Spending Energy to Feel More Energetic”

“Spending Energy to Feel More Energetic”

Posted by Spinning® on Apr 26th 2022

We have a special treat for you this week! Arin Shivarjoo, Director of Program Operations for Mad Dogg Athletics, recently sat down to chat about his Spinning® journey toward improved health with Spinning® Master Instructor, Tami Reilly, who is Director of Fitness and Well Being at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT. In Tami’s podcast called “Living Well While Living Online,” she interviews Arin, and the conversation is one of shared appreciation for what it means to live well – and of course, how to find a life well lived on the Spinner® bike!

Of the podcast, Tami writes:

This week we meet Arin Shivarjoo, Director of Program Operations for Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc. Arin is the father of an amazing son, an avid Zwifter, and is passionate about music. He has worked in the fitness industry for several years dealing with the business side of fitness programs. With the convergence of the passing of his father and the start of a global pandemic, Arin began his journey toward living a better-quality of life. Utilizing the Spinner® bike, Zwift virtual training system and changing habits as well as his mindset, Arin has shifted to a healthier version of himself over the past two years. This has been life changing for himself and his family. In this conversation, Arin shares his heartfelt appreciation of life, family, and all that he has as well as the self-care practices that have put him on this new path.

You can connect with Arin on Zwift: A.Shivarjoo, Strava: Arin Shivarjoo or on LinkedIn:

We are particularly proud of our Spinning® family this week, and we think you will enjoy this heart-felt conversation…

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