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​Last Chance to Secure Your Spot at WSX 2023!

​Last Chance to Secure Your Spot at WSX 2023!

Posted by Spinning® on Aug 14th 2023

The World Spinning® Experience returns to Miami this September, and it promises to live up to the hype! It will be a comeback celebration that embraces being together as a community of instructors, Master Instructors, studio owners, and all who love the Spinning® program.

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WSX is the largest indoor cycling event in North America, and the only event in the world where more than 30 Spinning® Master Instructors from around the world ride, teach and inspire hundreds of attendees from more than 25 countries. The programming includes 50+ creative Spinning® rides as well as yoga, HIIT, nutrition, and workshops to boost or launch your Spinning® instructor career.

There is so much to explore in Miami at WSX this September, so we thought we’d give you one last chance to dive into some of our recent WSX articles as a prompt to secure your very own spot – if you haven’t already!

The Magic of WSX Miami

You may be wondering what it’s like to attend WSX. Beyond taking workshops, riding with Master Instructors and earning CECs, just what is it that makes this event so special? Let us take you through a glimpse of the highlights and magic, and show you why there's nothing like our Spinning® community coming together from all corners of the globe in an exciting, cosmopolitan city.

Don't Miss Josh Taylor's DREAM RIDE at World Spinning® Experience 2023!

Do you dream of riding with world-renowned Spinning® Master Instructor and former professional cyclist Josh Taylor in a soul-stirring Spinning® experience? Well,  World Spinning® Experience (WSX), the highly anticipated return of the event formerly known as WSSC, takes place September 7-10, 2023, in Miami, featuring the Dream Ride with Josh Taylor. Spots are filling up, but there’s still time to reserve your bike for this "other-worldly" journey. A hallmark of the annual Spinning® conference, Josh’s sold-out rides have long been a testament to the mental and emotional connection that we can find on the bike. Read on for a glimpse into this year’s WSX event, The Dream Ride, and the legacy of previous year’s journey rides with Josh.

Your WSX 2023 Pocket Guide to Miami!

PSA: The Heat is On!  World Spinning® Experience (WSX) is just three weeks out. And we have a hunch that you’reprobably getting super excited for the whole experience. Full disclosure: We are too! And while WSX will be the Spinning® event of the year, no doubt, there’s also the fact that it all takes place in Miami – the Magic City. There is so much to see and do in Miami…have you thought about how you will spend your off-bike time? Well, we have some guidance to help you get ahead with your plans. From meals with a stellar view to superior shopping, to markets with live music to fabulous parks and beaches…Miami has something extra-special for you. Read on!

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