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Don't Miss Josh Taylor's DREAM RIDE at World Spinning® Experience 2023!

Don't Miss Josh Taylor's DREAM RIDE at World Spinning® Experience 2023!

Posted by Spinning® on Jul 27th 2023

Do you dream of riding with world-renowned Spinning® Master Instructor and former professional cyclist Josh Taylor in a soul-stirring Spinning® experience? Well, World Spinning® Experience (WSX), the highly anticipated return of the event formerly known as WSSC, takes place September 7-10, 2023, in Miami, featuring the Dream Ride with Josh Taylor. Spots are filling up, but there’s still time to reserve your bike for this "other-worldly" journey. A hallmark of the annual Spinning® conference, Josh’s sold-out rides have long been a testament to the mental and emotional connection that we can find on the bike. Read on for a glimpse into this year’s WSX event, The Dream Ride, and the legacy of previous year’s journey rides with Josh.

WSX is the largest indoor cycling event in North America, and the only event in the world where more than 30 Spinning® Master Instructors from around the world ride, teach and inspire hundreds of attendees from more than 15 countries. The programming includes 50+ creative Spinning® rides as well as yoga, HIIT, nutrition, and workshops to boost or launch your Spinning® instructor career. But for some, the top reason to attend is to be a part of the immersive, concert-like journey ride presented by Josh Taylor.


DREAM RIDE. The ride itself will evoke the essence of a magnificent DREAM! Let yourself go to that state of utopia, where imagination is more real than your mental and physical boundaries! You don’t want to miss the opportunity to join the one and only Josh Taylor as he continues the journey into the mysterious and euphoric power of Spinning®. In this new and highly imaginative ride we will celebrate the undeniable beauty and influence of DREAMS! Get ready to capture the pure magic and transformation that only a ride of this magnitude can!

Saturday, September 9, 2023 | 6 – 7:30 PM

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Are you intrigued by what you'll experience in one of Josh's stellar rides?! Well, here's a photo journal of some of his all-star hits from the past…Enjoy!

2019 - Ritual Ride

Ritual Ride honored the legend and ritual of WSX (formerly known as WSSC) itself. Two decades of the legacy were celebrated in this rare and magical event. Like Spinning®, rituals can be personal, but also about connection. This ride presented the opportunity to connect with oneself, connect with more than 300 riders, and let the power of the ritual move you. Can you get a sense of the mystery and transformation that the ride held for the Spinning® community?It was an enchanting ceremonial ride for sure!

2018 - Rave Ride

Rave Ride was all about hitting a euphoric state of mind and body with a Live DJ! People were galvanized by the thundering bass, captivated by intoxicating rhythms, and walked away with a mega dose of energy from this party-on-a-bike ride!

2017 – Unplugged Ride

Unplugged took you on an intimate Spinning® journey complete with live musicians and mind-blowing energy. Josh shares, “The ride originated from something that happened in Italy at the IMD event the previous year…where we lost power at the venue. I was supposed to be doing a different story-based ride (Warrior), but as we were waiting for power to come on, we realized that there was this drummer sitting there. We thought, ‘Let’s take that drummer and ride on with the emergency lights!’ It was one of the most memorable moments of my 25-year career in Spinning®. It completely changed the way I viewed big rides. Instead of the music driving the ride, the music was following me becausethe drummer followed my legs. Unplugged was an evolution of that original experience in Italy the following year. It was all about letting feeling and emotions drive the ride. Super RAW. No giant effects, just getting down to basics of what makes Spinning® so amazing.”

2015 - Warrior Ride

Inspired by the movie 300, this extreme ride put riders in a titanic clash against the clock where they faced a ferocious 300 seconds-- time and time again-- with an ancient Spartan mindset. Josh notes, “In the movie 300, you realize that Spartans are trained from when they are little boys. And through these years of training, they become truly awesome warriors. So, this ride was about being a warrior in everything you do through discipline, focus and determination.”

2014 - Ghost Ride

In this compelling ride into the unknown, surrender was not an option, instead riders were summoned to pierce through doubt and fear. Josh reveals, “Most indoor cycling rides are about a celebration (being strong, positive, believing in yourself); but Ghost was all about the dark (shadow) side and fears. We all have things in our lives that scare us, right?This ride offered something totally different – a chance to explore the scary side of human nature. And then, we reframed it in the ride as a chance to positively work through fears.”

2013 - Fighter Pilot Ride

In this high flying, high-intensity journey, riders got the chance to act as fighter pilots with absolute precision, focus, and uncompromising determination during an extreme mission -- and all-out dog fight! Josh was born into aviation – his father was an aircraft pilot, so he loved fighter jets as a little boy. Josh adds, “This ride was based on a naval aviator flying the mighty F-14 Tom Cat. My uncle was also in the Navy and worked on F-14s on the Enterprise aircraft carrier. The VF-1 Wolf Pack Fighter Jet Squadron that my uncle was part of became the insignia on the bike that year. Pretty cool stuff.”