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What’s Next? This Story May Inspire Your Spinning® Journey

What’s Next? This Story May Inspire Your Spinning® Journey

Posted by Spinning® on Nov 28th 2022

As 2022 draws to a close, we want to encourage you to look toward 2023 with an eye on your most coveted Spinning® goals and aspirations… What do you dream of accomplishing?! If you’ve been loving your at-home or in-studio Spin® class, maybe it’s time to take the leap to get Spinning® certified?! Or perhaps you’re already a Spinning® instructor, but need to renew or yearn to take your certification status to an advanced level? Well, read on…

We have a special story to share with you this week from an A-lister in the Spinning® community –  Helen Farrow, who has taken her training all the way to Master Spinning® Instructor status. But Helen’s journey on the bike is full of humble and honest details that may surprise you. Surely, it’ll inspire you to dig deep and find the courage to chase your own Spinning® dreams (especially if you need a little nudging).

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But first, Helen…

Give us the backstory, Helen. Why did you become a certified Spinning® instructor?

At age four, I learned to ride a bike. Literally and figuratively, it was always there as I grew up. I’d ride with friends, take my dolls for a spin, and as I got older, it became a mode of transport. Then I started to take riding more seriously and competed in various cycling and multisport events, which I always found really empowering.

But Injury took me into a gym…and the blessing in disguise was finding my very first Spinning® class. The music, changes in intensity…the entire experience made me realize I had found something incredible! Like my four-year-old self, I experienced the freedom of cycling again!

However, day-to-day life at that time was less incredible. I was working full-time as a pharmacist, but I realized that my passion had gone. It was time for a change.

I had thought about doing the Spinning® Instructor certification so many times. However, not being a fitness instructor and having zero experience working in that field…it took me years to pluck up the courage. I’d open the booking page, stare at it, and then close it.

What fears did you have to overcome to get Spinning® certified?

Mainly fear of not being accepted, but also fear of failure. Being a pharmacist was a stable job with a good wage. It was a big risk to change direction, and I was worried what financial implications this would have on my family. Also, I’m a naturally shy person…could I actually stand in front of a room of people without falling apart? I was in my late 30’s, I wondered if I was too old for change? Did I look like an instructor? Did I have anything to give? There were so many insecurities holding me back.

Once you committed to getting Spinning® certified, what was the experience like?

Then one day I just clicked on register – that was it! I waited anxiously for the course here in Manchester, U.K., and I barely slept the night before! When the day of the course finally came, I was instantly made to feel welcome and accepted by my classmates, despite not being a fitness instructor. I was made to feel like I had something to contribute. I left the training floating on air, and it was just a few weeks later that I got my very first class.

It wasn’t long before this one class became several classes, and I started taking further certifications as a personal trainer and other group exercise classes to make this my full-time job. Spinning® was my first love though, so I soaked up the various instructor levels, workshops and events. The more knowledge the better! Now it is such a privilege that as a Master Instructor, I get to pass on this knowledge to new instructors with all the passion that was passed down to me.

What did you gain from becoming a certified Spinning® instructor?

Spinning® pushes me out of my comfort zone, and constantly inspires me to keep learning and developing as a coach. It has also given me so much more confidence! It also makes me feel that I’m part of a huge international family. Now in every single class, that four-year-old inner-child comes out to play; except now instead of strapping my dolls into the basket, it’s my class that comes along for the ride. Spinning® changed my life. Don’t wait like I did. Follow your passion.

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