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What to Wear to Spinning® Class

What to Wear to Spinning® Class

Posted by Spinning® on Apr 18th 2018

When you climb onto the saddle of your Spinner® bike, you want to pedal until your body says stop. Having the proper workout attire allows you to focus on your performance, reducing the impact of common distractions. The latest collection of Spinning® apparel was designed with this in mind—to keep you moving comfortably while pushing your personal limits, not those of your fitness attire.

Saddle Soreness

Long after the soreness of your first ride has subsided, you may still find occasional tenderness and discomfort in your pelvic region after a strenuous workout. For women, a single, seamless insert provides comfort and allows freedom of movement. This feature is present in many Spinning branded shorts, including the Women’s Club Short. Men will find the same attention to detail with an insert contoured to fit for a male bodies. Try the Men’s Portofino Short, its MC-3 OF is a one piece, seamless insert that is both lightweight and flexible, molded with Giordana's high-frequency OmniForm technology, effectively eliminating sharp edges and hard areas. In both men’s and women’s shorts, differentiated thickness provides more protection where needed while guaranteeing softness and comfort.

Riding Up

The only thing that should be riding in Spinning class is you— not your shorts. Several styles of our shorts are made with a soft, silicone gripper to keep the leg bands glued in place for your entire ride. For men, try the Men’s Club Short. Other styles, such as the Women’s Denali Short, feature wide, soft LoPro 45 leg cuffs to keep shorts in place without pinching.


On a Race Day ride, you need to stay cool in more ways than one. Our jerseys feature fabric technology to keep you dry and cool. Both men and women will appreciate the Short-Sleeve Olympus Jersey with Michron™ performance fabric with textured honeycomb knit to keep you drier, cooler and more comfortable during long exertions in the saddle. Want an even cooler ride? Try the Sleeveless Olympus Jersey.

Showing Skin

Sure, you don’t mind showing off your shapely quads, but if you’re eager to keep your lower back covered, check out our Women’s Bella Tank, which features longer back coverage. It

features elastic-free binding at the waist for a flattering silhouette.

Getting Drenched

There’s a reason we say your water bottle is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your workout—you’re going to sweat. This is no ordinary ride. So, all Spinning apparel is engineered with moisture-wicking fabrics, such as the Gi27 fabric which is super soft against the skin and has a light stretch for freedom of movement. Michron™ performance fabric offers maximum breathability, wicks away moisture and dries quickly. Click here to view our performance collection and full line of apparel now.

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