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​Spinner® Home Bike Assembly Made Easy!

​Spinner® Home Bike Assembly Made Easy!

Posted by Spinning® on Jan 5th 2022

Congrats if you’re the proud owner of a new Spin® bike! It must feel good…but it’s going to feel even better when you get that baby out of the box and are cruising along on your first ride, right?! Well, the good news is that the assembly is a lot easier than you might think, and your owner’s manual has all the instructions. Plus, for even more detail, our NEW Spinner® Bike Assembly Video will walk you through all the steps, tips and tricks.

For this video, we consulted with our engineering guru, product manager, shipping department, and even our Senior Spinning® Advisor Josh Taylor himself (who has built hundreds of bikes, by the way) to ferret for the secrets of bike assembly success. We also listened to customers to find out which instructions needed more explanation. You name it-- all kinds of experience went into this video. We hope the end result is an easy-to-digest video that’ll have your bike assembled lickety-split!

What makes this task manageable even for those of us who aren’t self-proclaimed grease monkeys is that your bike comes with all the parts and tools you need, and it arrives almost entirely put together! You’ll open the box from the bottom, turn it over and lift up the carton to reveal the bike frame and flywheel as all one piece. The parts you’ll be adding to the bike are:

  • handlebars
  • seat post and pop-pin
  • stabilizer bars
  • crank arm and pedals
  • tablet mount

And voila, you are ready to find your bike fit settings and start riding!

Before you dive in, here are two more tips:

  • Much of the work can be done by one person, but some steps require two people.
  • It’s always a good idea to save all the packaging….just in case.

When you (and your assembly buddy) are ready to get to work, you’ll find the Spinner® Bike Assembly Video on the Spinning® YouTube channel.

And because we know you so well, we’ve anticipated a few questions you may have:

Why does the video give the instructions in a different order than what’s in my owner’s manual?

Don’t worry…either way will work– the sequence in the video is just a little more “strategic.” (For instance, after you attach the front stabilizer bar, your bike is in the perfect position for you to easily attach the tablet mount.)

Why is there only one video? Aren’t there a lot of different models of Spin® bikes?

Yes, but most of the assembly instructions are the same for all our bikes. The differences come into play with the handlebar and seat posts, but the video demonstrates all the variations. You can even use the time codes in the YouTube video description to jump to the model you need.

Is there an online version of the owner’s manual?

Yep. Just go to the bikes section of, click on the bike you have, and you’ll find a link to the owner’s manual under Features and Specifications.

If you still have questions, Contact Us and we’ll be happy to help!

Ready to roll?

Watch the Spinner® Bike Assembly Video Now!

By the way, our Spinning® YouTube Channel is a great place to find all sorts of helpful videos beyond bike assembly. Learn about our brand story, how to ride, how to install a power crank, and tons more. We’ve got you covered. Check it out!