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Rise of the Virtual Spinning® Ride

Rise of the Virtual Spinning® Ride

Posted by Spinning® on Jun 12th 2020

While this time of uncertainty and unrest has likely been challenging for anyone on the planet, we are inspired by our Spinning® Instructors and Master Instructors. Their energy and enthusiasm to find the silver lining through it all – to go the extra mile to bring Spinning® virtually from their living rooms to yours – is remarkable.

You’ll have fun watching the video below, featuring some of these sensational instructors who move their magic and mojo through cyberspace. This video is our thanks to all of these instructors (and those below) – they do us proud.

Furthermore, if you’re interested in checking out one of these virtual Spinning® classes, browse this list. It features a hot lineup of classes from around the globe! Now that they are offered virtually, you can Spin® with anyone – anywhere! (Just make sure your personal clock aligns with their localized class times.)

AUSTRALIA: Karen Gorman

Goodlife Glen Iris Cyclepaths Facebook Page

DENMARK: Christian de Thurah

Live Stream at Twitch TV

IRELAND: Delys Poynton

Athleticum Fitness Facebook Page

MALTA: Krzystof Glab

Spinning Malta Facebook Page

MEXICO: Leo Zapata

Youtube Channel


Goodlife Glen Iris Cyclepaths Facebook Page

NETHERLANDS: Mirte Timmermans

Goodlife Glen Iris Cyclepaths Facebook Page

PORTUGAL: Helena Gaspar

Featured Virtual Videos:

UK & IRELAND: Sarah Morelli

Spinning UK/Ireland Facebook Page

Athleticum® Facebook Page

Special Events

UK & IRELAND: Pru Comben

Athleticum Fitness Facebook Page

(Check out The Tip of the Iceberg)

USA: Melanie Guadalupe

Goodlife Glen Iris Cyclepaths Facebook Page

The Urban Cycle Suite

SAUDI ARABIA: Fatima Batook

Studio55 Class Schedule

SAUDI ARABIA: Tracy Aldereyaane

Featured Virtual Videos: