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Ride with SPINPower®, Ride with Science

Ride with SPINPower®, Ride with Science

Posted by Spinning® on Jun 9th 2020

We believe that one of the best ways you can take your Spinning® career to the next level is through the metric-driven and goal-oriented gains of SPINPower® training. 

Undeniably, training with power – in particular training according to one’s Personal Spinning Threshold (PST) – makes for a smarter and more effective ride. For more information on PST specifically, including how to conduct the test for your students, you’ll want to read this

In case you need any more fuel to help you blast off with SPINPower®, here’s a recap of the inspirational power-based training success stories we’ve covered in our blog recently. These are powerful examples of Spinning®instructors who have implemented SPINPower® into their own lives as well as their students’ to the benefit of all involved.


Through our Spinning® Business Success Story contest, we learned of YMCA instructor Diane Macera, who converted a non-power Spinning® program to one that runs on 26 Spinner® Chrono™ Power bikes with 16 instructors. For the first two weeks of her SPINPower® rollout, Diane’s team focused on having riders associate their rating of perceived exertion (RPE) to their power output, so that they would get a “feel” for training ranges. Then they implemented Personal Spinning® Threshold (PST) testing for two weeks so that riders could establish their personalized, accurate training zones.

Diane recalls what happened next: “The members were eager to take the next step (with PST testing) to see how it gets them closer to their true, effective working zones.” She adds, “Today I am happy to report almost all our members have taken the PST test and LOVE the use of zones.”

How did Diane’s facility members embrace and adapt to SPINPower® and PST testing in particular?

A New England cyclist who rides indoors in the winter months, Terry Hiltz notes, “Each year, as spring arrives and I begin riding outdoors, I am always unsure how much of my Spinning regimen has contributed to cycling strength and endurance.” And yet this year, due to the specificity of PST testing, Terry planned to ride into the spring with confidence, power and strength. Through Diane’s methodical approach to PST testing, Terry was able to assess his personal threshold three times. That’s the beauty of the PST test. Designed specifically for the Spinning program on a Spin® bike, the test can be replicated under the same conditions to show fitness progress. In the end, with consistent SPINPower® zone training, Terry was able to see his PST increase, and had gained the knowledge to confidently training (and recovering!) in the appropriate zones.

Another class veteran, Ted Spencer, also concurred that Diane’s power-based programming made the grade. He mentions, “For me personally, targeting my PST and being educated on the process in much more detail has helped my riding incredibly. Simply put, Diane has revolutionized the Spin® Program, educated new and experienced riders to be more efficient, and has prevented over-training.”

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Lori Kaplan, another Business Success Story Contest winner, is a big proponent of the metric-driven and goal-oriented approach that SPINPower® affords, specifically through PST testing.

Lori remarks, “I realized quickly that the members were looking for something above and beyond the standard workout. They wanted something to work toward, track results, and support each other along the way. I wanted us to have a goal, to train with intention for a purpose, and simultaneously work towards the goal individually yet together as a team.”

What did Lori’s riders have to say about training with power?

Ann Marie Smith decided to take the plunge into SPINPower® when Lori was doing an endurance challenge. “I initially thought I would take the class and go at my own pace and not care about the challenge…. [However, after I participated,] not only did my Spin®skills improve drastically BUT I completed the challenge – with flying colors!”

Another student, Eileen Fossati, reveals: “Our current “challenge” is learning about watts, reaching and sustaining our wattage, as well as maintaining our speed and understanding output. Many times when class is over, we look at one another and say "Class is over already?" As a class, each individual strives to reach and obtain their own goals. With Lori's knowledge, [it’s clear she wants] each and every one of us [to] succeed.”

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Hmm, do you think they’re enjoying the benefits of SPINPower® training yet?! We say it’s highly likely. 


And then there’s Sabrina Fairchild. As a Master Instructor (MI) for the Spinning® program, a university teacher of Sport Psychology, and an instructor of Yoga, Weight Training and Group Fitness, Sabrina shared the touching story of how she used SPINPower® to outwit (and out-power) depression, insomnia and menopause.

SPINPower® was a pivotal factor in her journey. Sabrina reflects “While presenting at WSSC in 2017, I was inspired by SPINPower® workshops and knew that was my direction. In 2018, I was invited to become a SPINPower® MI, so I bought my own Spinner® Chrono and trained 2-3 times each week. This was when my body and fitness truly changed.”

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Whether you want to teach SPINPower® classes or optimize your own training , this certification will provide you with the knowledge and ride profiles to use indoors or on the open road!

What can you expect with the SPINPower Online Certification?

In the SPINPower® Online Certification, you will learn how to:

1. Confidently describe the benefits of power-based training to riders of all levels.

2. Explain why Spinner® bikes measure actual power and accurate, not estimated caloric expenditure.

3. Conduct a PST test to identify your (and your riders’) Personal Spinning® Threshold (PST).