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Get Ready, Spinning® Events are Baaack!

Get Ready, Spinning® Events are Baaack!

Posted by Spinning® on May 25th 2022

Call it foreshadowing or premonition, call it what you will… At the end of their 2020 Spinning® event, Team Italia put up a slide on a big screen for all participants to see that suggested something along the lines of “See You in 2021 – A change is coming!” And change, the world did. Now over two years later, by virtue of Covid (and also likely a knowingness on the part of the global Spinning® Master Instructor team leaders that there was a growing yearning for a distinctly different type of event), this year’s AMORE event held in May in Peccioli, Italy was smaller and more intimate…though the undeniable essence of a Spinning® celebration of love, light and life could not have been more profound.

What’s more, Amore is one of four successful Spinning® events that’s taken place the world over in the past few months. In March, PROS:2022, a fun-packed education-filled 3-day event was held at Wintergardens in Blackpool, UK. And in February, Hungary was the focal point for a fabulous flash mob featuring riders on 100 Spinner® bikes to celebrate the start of Giro d'Italia at Heroes Square in Budapest. And just last weekend, The Big Eastern Weekender 2022 featured a spectacular collection of Spinning® rides with global MIs, coaches, and UK & Ireland Presenters.

The joy and elation of the global Spinning® community to have pulled through the pandemic together is palpable not only for participants but those cheering from the sidelines. And Spinning® events are only gaining in momentum as the world continues to open up. In fact, Spinning® Experience Miami 2023 plans are already underway and while some things will change next year, we believe the changes will be incredibly empowering for participants – particularly because the entire Spinning® community can get involved – instructors and enthusiasts (non-instructors) will be able to sign up! Certainly stay tuned for more info to come…

So without further ado, here’s a little more about what made recent events so special. We think this will get you thinking…is there a Spinning® event – maybe even SPX 2023 – in your future?!

AMORE, Italy:

TOP: Spinning® Master Instructors Barbara D'Onza (Italy) and Rodrigo Vilches (Chile)

BOTTOM: Spinning® Master Instructor and Power Specialist Master Instructor Francesco Sivieri (Italy) 

Barbara D'Onza and Francesco Sivieri have been MDA’s Education Partners in Italy for more than 20 years. These dynamic founders of FiSpin Academy have produced Amore and all of the IMD events throughout the years. 

What was special about Amore?

What was special about Amore was that it was a mix of people – from enthusiasts to instructors. For instructors, it was a good opportunity to get on the other side again…to get out from teaching – the job – and just take a class. Instructors got the opportunity to listen, trust, and enjoy at a Spinning®-sanctioned event, at which they knew they were getting a pure Spinning® experience rooted in science and great training from a passionate instructor. It was a great opportunity for them to get the knowledge and experience that then fuels them when they go back to their own classes. And for the enthusiasts, they got that world-class Spinning® experience, up close and personal. It was a win-win for all. 

– Josh Taylor, Spinning® Senior Advisor and Global Brand Ambassador

What defined Amore?

Josh and I had many conversations discussing what attendees would want and need. How could we figure out what types of sessions, rides, and themes would be relevant and satisfy what attendees are looking for? Let’s all agree – every person on the planet has been impacted by the pandemic. With the opening ride, we wondered “What in the world should we say?” Ultimately, we found that the one thing we can offer attendees is who we are at the core. What experiences have Josh/I been through at an individual level? You can only share what you know. That informed the opening ride “Illuminate” as well as the rest of the programming. So, we shared on a very human level. It was also important to resolve what kind of positive messaging we could layer on top of the reality we had all been through to make it purposeful to the attendees and the brand…so that it was a launch pad for something bright and radiant…just like an opening ride. 

– Luciana Marcial-Vincion, Spinning® Senior Advisor and Global Master Instructor Team Manager

PROS:2022, UK:

What made the live PROS:2022 event distinct? 

PROS:2022 was a long time coming! The event was postponed two weeks before the scheduled date in 2020 so we had to think on our feet! So many people were looking forward to it, so we created the PROS Lockdown live classes throughout the lockdowns in the UK and Ireland and then brought PROS:2021 to peoples’ living rooms for three days in March last year. To say we were relieved and excited to bring back the live event is an understatement. We had a new Covid socially-distanced venue and a fantastic new and veteran team of presenters all geared up to deliver to our dedicated community. We couldn’t be more happy... the whole weekend rocked, and after the initial nerves of getting back to in-person events subsided, it was hugs all round and back to what we do best! We are most proud of being able to support and work together over the two-year build up to this event. Our moto is "TEAM WORK TO MAKE THE DREAM WORK!” Spinning® at PROS:2023 will be back in March 24-26 in Blackpool, UK and we cannot wait!

– Spinning® Master Instructor and Power Specialist Master Instructor Sarah Morelli

Giro d'Italia, Hungary:

What about Giro d'Italia are you most proud of?

The organizers of the Hungarian Giro Program reached out to us as the leaders of Spinning® Hungary to create something very special to promote recreational cycling both nationally and internationally during theGiro d'Italia race. We worked closely with the Giro Hungary Team to plans two big events. The first was to create a huge heart-shape of riders in the middle of Heroes Square and ride together for an hour. It was absolutely fantastic, very special and extreme too! It was about zero degrees Celsius; and since it was at night, it was dark, and the whole square was shining in pink! The second race event included five Spinning® classes next to the road of the actual race…all lined up 700 meters from the finish line. Besides the Spinning® fans, there were hundreds of people watching the race and of course us too. :) For us as Spinning® Hungary, it was a huge success to be part of this iconic race, and we are really proud of it. 

– Spinning® Master Instructors Gabriella Posch and Gergely Hajdu

Andre Struik, Spinning® International Programs Manager EMEA: After a very long time of not being able to get together and unite at Spinning® events, we’re excited that we’re finally able to re-connect, re-unite, share our passion and give each other that well-deserved real-life hug. The community is strong and resilient and that also shows on the upcoming Spinning® events:

Photo Credits - Nedo Baglioni for Adv Komunikando, Amore; Gabriella Posch and Gergely Hajdu, Giro d'Italia ; Sarah Morelli, PROS:2022