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Get Creative! Design Your Home Spinning® Space

Get Creative! Design Your Home Spinning® Space

Posted by Spinning® on Nov 15th 2022

Have you ever thought of adding a disco ball, lava lamp or gold marbled yoga mat to your home Spinning® space? Sarah McDaniel has. She’s the VP of Marketing for Spinning® and Peak Pilates® and apparently her philosophy is that your home workout space should be as fun and personal as it is functional. We do not disagree, Sarah! Tell us more about how to convert a little bit of one’s home into your own private Spinning® studio!

How Sarah Got Her Spinning® Groove On

My home studio has been a work-in-progress over the years, and that was certainly accelerated in 2020! Before then, I was fortunate to be able to hop on a bike at the office – definitely a workplace perk here – but then like everyone else, I needed to beef up my at-home workouts and finally got a home bike.

We don’t have a lot of space at our house, so suddenly our one spare bedroom was an office for two and a home fitness studio. I needed budget-friendly, easy-to-execute ways to make the space work! I carved out some space for my bike and various functional training equipment. Near the bike, I added small shelves for smaller equipment, like my Ugi® and Power Circle®, resistance bands, stability ball and dumbbells. Under the bike, I added a rose gold/marbled thick yoga mat on top of a decorative area rug.

If I could share a favorite part of my home studio it would be this: My home studio is also where I earned my Spinning® Instructor and FitCore Certifications over the past few years, and I am so thankful to have had the space and equipment to practice everything I was learning!

I would be remiss if I left my husband out of this scenario – especially because we are very different riders! First, the bike works for both of us, even though he’s 6’2 and I’m 5’1! Second, while I love riding with the Spinning® app, he likes to queue up a Star Wars movie while he rides. Being able to use our own tablets for our preferred content is a major plus in this household.

Even now, when I’m back in a studio 3-4 days a week, I still love the convenience (and vibe, TBH) of my home studio! I can go from PJs to workout gear so fast – and that helps on days when I don’t feel like working out. Sometimes, I’ve even started pedaling slowly with PJs on and coffee cup in hand to just get started, which is really the hardest part! Then I pause the ride, do a quick change into leggings, switch the coffee to water and I’m off!

Inspired Now?!

We sure are! So, here’s what you need to do to follow in Sarah’s footsteps. Because let’s be honest, designing your studio space with intention and focus like she did can help you to maximize your workout – and after all, getting the most out of your ride really is what we’re all after!


Space. Like Sarah, your first step is to suss out your home for the right spot for your bike (and maybe some extra space for stretching and off-bike workouts too). The great news is that you don’t need a lot of space. If you have room for a yoga mat, you have room for a Spinner® bike! You also don’t need to make a big commitment when you choose your spot. The transport wheels on a Spinner® bike make it easy to move—just tilt and roll it into place. So, you can store your bike in a corner, and easily wheel it out when you’re ready to ride.

Flooring. Because Spinner® bikes are noticeably silent, you can set one up in any room in the house without concern of noise reverberation above or below. Adjustable leveler feet will also ensure that the bike doesn't wobble on those uneven floors that you didn't even know were uneven. However, a bike mat is an excellent solution for additional noise and vibration reduction, and it also offers sweat protection for your floors.

Sound & Speakers. If you need to be cognizant of other people in your home, Airpods or headphones are the way to go. However, if you’re able to use a Bluetooth speaker, it’s amazing to have music filling the room around you as you ride.


Color. Take it from Sarah (and her glittery disco ball!), there’s a lot you can do to make your space more inviting and motivational! Y’all know that we at Spinning® LOVE our brand-color red, but there’s good reason to consider hints of red in your workout space too. Warm colors like red and yellow are motivating and energizing; but if it’s a more Zen vibe that you’re after, you might elect blue or purple to color your space. Either way, play with color and even pattern and texture to create a space that invites you to move your body.

Lighting. There’s also a lot you can do with lighting to instill the right Spinning® mood and mindset. Spinning® classes are often dimly lit, but have you ever wondered why? One reason is that this type of low lighting invites you to go inward to find your inner focus, resolve, and self-reflection. There’s something truly special about that element of a Spinning® class, which you can mimic in your own home studio. Plus, if you’re riding at home with the Spinning® app, it’s nice to have a darker room so your screen is best illuminated.

You could even combine elements of color and lighting – think colored-string lights – to bring inspiration and creativity into your space. Bottom line – aim to create a lit environment that appeals to your mind and body.

Wall Art. There’s even more you can do to motivate and inspire yourself…consider wall art in the form of a motivational quotation or imagery that inspires you. Maybe a photographic scene of an amazing ride somewhere in the world that you’d love to complete?! Yes!

Wall Calendar. To help you stay focused on your personal progress, you might want to pin up a calendar that tracks your rides and progression in your home studio space. You could even go “old school” and dole out gold stars to yourself for daily motivation after you complete your rides. Whatever works for you – that’s name of the game! Plus, if you ride with the new Spinning® app, keep in mind that you have access to your personal history and stats there. Either way, find a way to creatively integrate measuring and tracking your progress into your studio space. Your fitness goals will thank you.

Storage. Next on the list is storage space! You’ll want a tidy and organized way to keep all your Spinning® supplies – water bottle, towels, shoes, bike polish, heart rate monitor, you name it – in one place. Consider how handy it’ll be to have everything in a cabinet right next to your bike!


Now here comes the fun part that we’re super stoked to share… We’ve got ALL the makings for the most sensational studio space you could possibly imagine, so explore, and then explore some more…

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