SPIN® PRO Indoor Cycling Shoes with SPD®-compatible cleats


The right cycling shoes can make a good ride a great ride! The NEW SPIN® PRO Indoor Cycling Shoes are comfortable and offer performance, stability and durability! Make the switch from athletic shoes or sneakers to cycling shoes, and you will experience a more comfortable, efficient and safer ride along with increased power and a better connection to the bike with every pedal stroke. SPD® cleats included FREE with purchase.

SPIN® PRO Indoor Cycling Shoes


  • Reinforced toe and full heel support for improved stability
  • Secure and quick shoe closure with ratchet buckle and two hook & loop straps
  • Treaded sole for grip and balance when walking
  • Perforated uppers for optimal breathability and ventilation
  • Perforated insole is lightweight, comfortable and quick drying
  • Compatible with SPD® cleats (included FREE with purchase of SPIN® PRO Indoor Cycling Shoes, a $20.00 value)

Spinning® Cleats: SPD® compatible

Two easy-to-position cleats are included to complete your pair of cycling shoes.

  • SPD® compatible
  • Fits all Spinner® bikes including Performance, Active, and Lifestyle* lines, as well as all NEW 2021 Home SPIN® Bikes (Pace, Edge, Aero, Elite, Blade and Blade ION)
  • Compatible with Trio™ and Trio QR™ pedals
  • One pair of cleats included

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