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Get Certified with a Spinning® Virtual Training Now!

Get Certified with a Spinning® Virtual Training Now!

Posted by Spinning® on Mar 9th 2022

The word is out, but we’re about to shout it from the rafters…Did you know that you can now get Spinning® certified with a virtual training?! For years, we've offered the most comprehensive, science-backed indoor cycling certification program in the industry in both live and online formats. But the pandemic forced “the great pivot” upon all of us…and pivot we did…to deliver our traditional Spinning® Instructor Certification in a hybrid format that merges the best of live and online education. Read on to learn more about this virtual educational offering as well as how you can join the ranks to get Spinning® certified – virtually!

What is a virtual training?

A virtual training is a combination of a real-time workshop with a Spinning® Master Instructor (MI) and on demand digital content. You can complete the entire course from the comfort of your own home! You’ll begin with on demand course videos and reading material that you can access immediately upon enrollment. You will also attend a Virtual Zoom Training with the MI and other attendees (4-5 hours). After you’ve completed all learning materials and passed the online exam, you will be a Certified Spinning® Instructor. Voila!

What makes a virtual training so great?

The on demand course materials allow for self-paced learning of the essential science and techniques needed as a Spinning® instructor while the webinar provides group interaction and real-time demonstrations and support from the MI. With virtual, you’ll receive the best features of both the live and online learning formats!

Who is a good candidate for a virtual training?

The virtual format is right for the person who finds value and meaning in interaction with an MI but is unable to get to an in-person training due to time or travel constraints. It’s also a great option for those with limitations at home like family or work commitments. The virtual training is also a sound choice for those who want the face-to-face time with the expert but want to complete the rest of the required modules at their own convenience.

Hands-down: If you desire convenience, ease and no travel…this is the right certification format for you.

What if you just want to become a better rider? Is this training good for that?

By all means. Many people use this training and certification experience to become more educated and skilled for their own Spinning® workouts. You can learn on your own time to become a better rider – even if you don’t have the intent to teach.

How does it work?

1. Sign up for the Virtual Training date that works best for you.

2. You’ll receive an email with details to access your course through our online learning platform – SpinU.

3. You can begin your coursework immediately, or whenever you’re ready, prior to the Virtual (Zoom) Training.

4. After completing all the coursework, including the Virtual Training, you’ll have access to the online exam, which you can take within 30 days. You’ll have two attempts to pass (80% or better).

5. Upon passing, you’ll be a Certified Spinning® Instructor (valid for 2 years), and you’ll be eligible to join the SPIN® Membership Program.

What certification will you earn for a virtual training?

Upon completion, you’ll be a Certified Spinning® Instructor.

Is the course approved for continuing education?

Yes, it’s approved for ACE, AFAA and NASM credits.

How do you find and sign up for a virtual training?

Check out the “Virtual Trainings” tab on this Find a Training page. Select a training by the Virtual Training Day date that works for you – this is your webinar that you need to show up for at a specific date and time. (You’ll complete the rest of the coursework on your own time.)

You can also sign up for training updates, and we’ll keep you in the know.

Spinning® virtual trainings are offered throughout the world! To look for a training outside of the US and Canada, you can contact the Spinning® Education Representative in your region.

Do you need access to a bike for a virtual training?

If you have your own bike at home, that’s ideal. Especially if you are kinesthetically-minded and know you’ll benefit from getting feedback on your riding technique! However, there’s also much to be learned from this course without a bike. You can still watch and learn from the bike setup, safety and ride videos, and revisit those videos when you do have access to a bike. (Once you’re enrolled in a course, you have access to the videos indefinitely.)

We’d like to underscore that there’s a great deal of value in participating by observation – even without a bike! Particularly when you watch the MI demonstrate bike setup, riding technique, and coaching a class. It’s easier to take notes and follow along, especially if you are new to indoor cycling. The practical application – when you ride along – can occur whenever you have access to a bike because you can always return to those on demand videos.

What do participants have to say about the virtual certification?

“I feel the course was very well set up. I originally had reservations about the course being delivered online and through Zoom as I have always thought of live teaching as superior. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The online material was easy to access, extensive and clearly laid out making the learning experience both easy and convenient.”

--Neil Talbot

“I loved the virtual training Spinning® course. I thought it was formatted well, and the instruction was clear and concise. I felt it [the virtual certification offering] was so much easier (as a mom of four children) then juggling a live class with travel time, etc. I thought the virtual class was much more convenient for those of us with busy lives.”

--Dr. Chemene Hooker-Henry

“My experience with the virtual Spinning® course was amazing! Tami did a great job of presenting the info needed in a timely manner and was so encouraging! She allowed us to ask questions and really feel like we would each be good at being a Spinning® Instructor! Breaking out with other like-minded people when doing the “break-out” group sessions [on Zoom] was good. We were able to get to know other people from all over the world who all had the same goal – becoming a Spinning® Instructor and having fun working out!”

--Kaitlyn K.

BONUS: If you complete a Virtual Training in the near future, we are also offering a HUGE perk! You’ll have one year from the completion date of your virtual training to audit an in-person training for FREE!