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Choose Your Path and Become a Certified Spinning® Instructor!

Choose Your Path and Become a Certified Spinning® Instructor!

Posted by Spinning® on Jan 18th 2022

Did you know there’s more than one way to become a certified Spinning® Instructor? In fact, there are three diverse certifications to choose from as well as various learning formats. Spinning® is the original indoor cycling brand, and also the original education and certification program that was born from the passion and expertise of cyclists, coaches, and exercise physiologists nearly 30 years ago. Throughout its storied history, the Spinning® program has evolved, and so have its certifications.

Whatever path you choose, becoming a Certified Spinning® Instructor will reward you by turning the workout you love into a way to bring joy and life-changing results to others.

Choose Your Certification

Spinning® Instructor Certification

Comprehensive first step to teaching amazing Spinning® classes.

Spinning® Instructor Certification is the original certification course, and to this day is still considered to be the gold standard in the industry. It will prepare you to lead classes with all the essential knowledge, including bike setup and safety, form and technique on the bike, intensity zones and interval training, cueing for performance and motivation, and creating classes and playlists.

This is the right choice for you if you’re just starting out, and have never taught Spinning® or any other indoor cycling classes before. And even if you have some experience, it may still be the one you want to sign up for. It’s the right choice if:

  • You love taking classes, and you just want to learn more to get better on the bike and maybe someday start teaching.
  • You’re just starting out as an indoor cycling instructor.
  • You have taught indoor cycling before, but want to earn the official, original Spinning® certification.

SPINPower® Instructor Certification

Learn to teach classes that are more performance-oriented using power metrics and training zones.

SPINPower® Instructor Certification is the global leader for power-based education in the indoor cycling industry. With the rising popularity of power metrics in studio programming, this certification was developed to arm instructors with the knowledge and coaching skills to design and lead power-based classes. You’ll learn how to describe the benefits of power-based training to riders of all levels as well as explain why Spinner® bikes measure actual power and accurate caloric expenditure. Get ready to coach your riders to optimize their power and efficiency through bike setup, pedaling mechanics and riding technique. You’ll also learn how to conduct ramp tests in class to help riders identify their Personal Spinning® Threshold (PST) so they can train smarter with customized zones.

This certification is best for instructors who know that they want to teach using power technology or just gain the education to use power in their own training. It’s the right choice if:

  • You have experience teaching Spinning® or other indoor cycling classes and want to learn how to lead power-based classes.
  • You are new to teaching indoor cycling, but you’re an experienced rider (indoors or out), and are ready to focus on the science and practical application of power-based training.
  • You’re an experienced Spinning® or indoor cycling instructor, and you’re not sure if you want to lead power-based classes, but you love to learn more and build your fitness pro resume.

Rockstar Spinning® Instructor Certification

Elevate your class experience with visuals, DJ-like music mixes and expert coaching skills.

The magic of the best Spinning® classes comes from emotionally-driven music, inspiring coaching, and theme-based visuals that enhance the whole experience. That magic is what inspired the development of the Rockstar Spinning® Instructor Certification. It blends essential exercise science with key practical skills you need to become the instructor that everyone lines up for! You’ll learn to design profiles with applied exercise science, diversify your verbal and nonverbal cueing language, choose music for the ultimate playlists, and transform your skills to Rockstar status.

If we had you at “Rockstar” you’re probably already on your way to the signup page. If you need a little more help, this certification is the right choice if:

  • You have experience teaching Spinning® or other indoor cycling classes and want to create that “it factor” with your profiles, music, coaching or visuals.
  • You are new to teaching indoor cycling, but you’re an experienced rider (indoors or out), and you have taught other group ex formats.
  • You’re an experienced Spinning® or indoor cycling instructor, and you’re looking for the next step in your education journey – either to focus on skills, earn continuing ed credits, or just boost your resume.

There are also two special options for people with previous certifications:

The Spinning® Bridge Certification is for people who are currently certified by another recognized indoor cycling organization. After submitting your proof of certification you can take this abbreviated online course and earn the Spinning® Instructor Certification.

The Spinning® Recertification Course is for people who were previously certified with Spinning® but have let their certification lapse past the grace period. This online certification course will bring your certification status current.

Choose Your Format

Now, let’s talk about the three ways you can earn any of the above Spinning® certifications. You can choose between a live training, a virtual training, or online course.

Live Training: A live training is led by a Master Instructor in a group setting at an official Spinning® facility. They’re scheduled around the world throughout the year. You don’t need to be affiliated with any official Spinning® facility to attend. Just find a training and sign up for one that works with your schedule.

Virtual Training: A virtual training is also led by a Master Instructor, but the training is conducted virtually, via a Zoom meeting. There is no in-person gathering and you are in your own home or anywhere that you can access the Zoom meeting. (We also offer virtual onsite trainings to allow small groups to gather at a facility, while the Master Instructor conducts the training via Zoom on a large screen.) Just find a training and sign up for one that works with your schedule.

Online Training: An online course is one that you complete entirely at your own pace from any Internet connected computer or device. The topics covered are the same, but you’ll be learning with videos instead of real-time presentations. Jump to the online training page to learn more and sign up. Once you’re enrolled, you can begin whenever you choose.

Once you have determined which certification is right for you, you can visit our Find a Training page to pursue any of these three learning formats. As you can see, the options and pathways to becoming a Spinning® Instructor are diverse, exciting, and completely customizable. It’s all up to YOU…what will you do?!


How long are the courses?

Each certification involves 8 hours of training or course time. In addition, you can expect to spend 4-6 hours on your own with reading material, practice and taking the exam.

Do I need my own bike for Virtual or Online Trainings?

If you have your own bike at home, that’s ideal. If not, you can still watch and learn from the bike setup, safety and ride videos, and revisit those videos when you do have access to a bike. Once you’re enrolled in a course, you have access to the videos indefinitely.

Can I take more than one certification?

Yes, and with each certification you earn you will achieve a new level. With your first certification you’ll be a Level 1 instructor, and then you’ll progress to Level 2 (Advanced) and Level 3 (Elite) with each subsequent certification.

If I take more than one certification, do I have to take them in a particular order?

No, you can take the courses in any order you choose. However, if the Spinning Instructor Certification is one of the courses you’re taking, it makes sense to do that one first.

Will I earn continuing education credits?

Yes! Each certification course is approved for ACE, AFAA and NASM credits.

What are the tests like?

Each certification has an online, multiple-choice exam that you’ll take after completing the training. You’ll receive your results right away, and retests are allowed.

What can I do if I want to attend a live training, but the schedule doesn’t have any near me?

Just sign up for training updates, and we’ll keep you in the know. Or you can arrange to host a training at the facility you’re affiliated with. 

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