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Spinning® Gameday: Fitness Facts for Super Bowl

Spinning® Gameday: Fitness Facts for Super Bowl

Posted by Spinning® on Apr 18th 2018

It’s that time of year! On the first Sunday of every February, millions of Americans gather together to enjoy the Super Bowl. In celebration of America’s biggest unofficial holiday, we here at Spinning® want to share some gameday facts and suggestions on how to coach your riders before and after the big game on Sunday:

Super Bowl Food Facts

Food ConsumptionSuper Bowl Sunday ranks second to Thanksgiving in terms of food consumption in the U.S. More than $50 million is spent on food during the four days prior to the Super Bowl.Super Bowl SnackingAccording to the Calorie Control Council, a trade group for the low-fat food industry, the average American eats 1,200 calories worth of snacks during the big game, enough to fuel two hours of running laps around a football field.Post-Super Bowl MondayOn the Monday following the Super Bowl, antacid sales in the US increase by 20% and 6% of Americans will call in sick to work. Create a special ride on the Monday after the Super Bowl as an extra incentive for your riders to not be part of the 6% feeling groggy and consuming chalky antacids.

Super Bowl Spinning® class

Pre Super Bowl Spinning® ClassEndurance Energy Zone™: give your riders a strong aerobic base on Friday or Saturday so they don't feel like they've backtracked too much when they return for the following week. Learn more about Endurance Energy Zones from our Training Tips.Post Super Bowl Spinning® ClassInterval Energy Zone™: give your riders a mix of everything they need, ease them in and then burn off the excess calories. Learn more about Interval Energy Zones from our Training Tips.


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