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Staying Motivated As You Ride

Staying Motivated As You Ride

Posted by Spinning® on Apr 26th 2021

For some of you, riding has been your mainstay during the pandemic. For others, you’re just now getting back on the bike. Regardless of where you’re at, we have some practical tips to keep your motivation high as you take your rides into the next phase of your life.

Recommit to your rides

It’s one of the hardest, yet most important aspects of a longstanding exercise regimen. How do you keep yourself committed to your Spinning® classes? As we know well now, every day (every month or year, for that matter) is different. This means that every day presents new obstacles to scheduling a workout – be it live or online. The key? Recommit to make exercise – your Spinning® experience – a priority so that when life happens and all those little things that come up, they won’t sideline your fitness routine. You can follow this next set of guidelines to help you do just that!

Plan your training sessions in advance

Make appointments with yourself throughout the week to show up for your workouts. If you’re going to an Official Spinning® Facility, check out their updated schedule. Chances are class times have been a moving target during the pandemic. See what’s available and note the classes that are most convenient to your schedule. If you’re riding at home with Spinning® Digital or Spinning® Digital Plus, you can join a class anytime you’d like, but it still helps to add it to your calendar to set your intention. 

Support system

Tell your family and friends about your commitment to exercise on a regular basis. Express to them that you need their support.

No cancellation policy

Stress to friends, family and yourself how your Spinning® classes have the priority level of an appointment…even if they are online. Exercise is a must in your schedule.

Listen to your body

Our energy cycles fluctuate from day to day depending on the stressors in our midst. Pace yourself and listen to your body. When your energy cycle is low, it’s time for a recovery die. If you get sick and need a day or two off training, it’s okay. Allow yourself to relax and ease off guilt-free. Just be sure to get back on the wagon when you’re ready.

Buddy system – it’s not just for kids

Set dates with your friends to attend classes together. Again, you can still sign up for the same class with a friend even if it is online. What a fun way to compare notes after the ride is over! When you set a date with a friend to exercise, you are more likely to keep the commitment.

Set challenging goals

Does your facility have any special rides planned? Sign up for that two-hour Everest ride three months from now…you’ll be less tempted to skip Spinning® class along the way. Working toward your goal will motivate you to keep going.

Check out new digital offerings

With Spinning® Digital and Spinning® Digital PLUS, you have access to new rides all week! Check your inbox every Monday for the schedule of new rides streaming on Spinning® Digital or Spinning® Digital Plus each week. Trying a new instructor or class format will give you something to look forward to! There are infinite ways to mix up your Spinning® experience even if you’re not riding in a studio or gym. 

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Have FUN!

Somewhere down the Spinning® road, it can happen – you lose focus on the fun. If your workout routine is a dud, it’s only a matter of time before you throw your hands up and quit. Embrace the exciting elements of your Spinning® classes, develop new friendships with other riders, suggest music choices to your Spinning® instructor and have fun!