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Spinning® International Team Spotlight

Spinning® International Team Spotlight

Posted by Spinning® on Apr 18th 2018

Spinning® rides are happening all over the globe—in the most unlikely places. Each event is bigger than the next, whether the rides are for charity or for building the community, each successful ride demonstrates Spinning® as the global leader in indoor cycling. Find out from Andre Struik, Spinning® Master Instructor and International Program’s Manager at Mad Dogg Athletics, what makes these events and new facilities successful. What are different facilities doing in Europe that could benefit facilities in the US and Canada? We have many events going on in the facilities around Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), most of them are for charity. The most popular events are Spinning® Marathons that span over the course of one to three days and have been successful in Spain, the Netherlands, Germany and Egypt, including the most recent events in the UK and Italy:

Super Sunday Event-UK
In the UK, this is a SUPER day of new Spinning® workshops for current Spinning® Instructors. The day aims to introduce new coaching drills and profile ideas for instructors who want to advance their knowledge. The day includes two CED Workshops and a skills session to enhance pedal stoke and power as well as a ride to kick start the energy systems on the outset. Presented by a member of the International Master Instructor team, you will have the opportunity to learn, interact and sweat.This year's lineup of our internationally renowned Spinning® Master Instructor team includes: Jonny Wilson, Brian McKenna, Michelle Colvin, Barry Ross, Mel Chambers and Sandro Morelli, as well as our Star Trac Fitness Master Trainer, competitive martial artist Anthony Fletcher and former athlete Les Antoine.

Renais Day – Italy
Paestum is a very important city in the province of Salermo (85 km. from Naples) in the south of Italy. The ruins of Paestum were discovered by coincidence in 1750 by the King of Naples and is now one of the most important archaeological sites. In March of this year, Paestum was the scenery of Renais Day, an amazing Spinning® event at an even more amazing location. With four Spinning® Master Instructors from the Italian team, the crowd was treated to a weekend of passion, energy, friendship, prosperity, sharing and of course Spinning!


Which facility stood out as unique with their Spinning® programs or studio design?The one that stood out, in my opinion, was The Room Abu Dhabi. They hosted their first Spinning® event in that region. Together, with lots of help, they've put in a brand new lighting floor (just for one day) to get an amazing atmosphere, in which, I think, they were successful. The audience was treated with high quality Spinning® rides led by members of our International Master Instructor team: Peter Pastijn from Belgium, Rose O’Donovan from UAE, Tracy Grant from Saudi Arabia and Sujit Lavalekar from India.

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