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Spinning® Class Kit: What You Need to Bring

Spinning® Class Kit: What You Need to Bring

Posted by Spinning® on Aug 21st 2018

Whether you’re returning to class after a long summer of outdoor training, or gearing up for your first ride, here’s what you need to bring to your next Spinning® session.

Spinning® classes are open to everyone; no matter where you are in your fitness journey, you can come to local gym or studio feeling confident, accepted and ready to tackle the ride ahead. But there are a few necessary items to bring, as well as a few pieces of kit that will really give your Spinning® classes a boost. Here’s a checklist of essentials to help you have a healthy and happy workout.

Absolute Musts:

Water Bottle: Always stay hydrated! Proper fluid intake is necessary for staying healthy and performing at our best, so it’s vital that you bring a water bottle to every class. Your local gym or facility may have plastic or disposable bottles for sale, but make sure you bring a big enough bottle to class to last you through a heart-pounding session. There are many guidelines for hydration, but the Spinning® program abides by the 40-for-40 rule: drink at least 40 ounces of fluid in total before, during and after a 40-minute class. Filling up and drinking down a 20-oz squirt bottle at least twice during your time at the studio should do the trick.

Your Spinning® instructor will always reserve time in class for brief water breaks, and every commercial Spinner® bike comes with oversized bottle holders on the handlebars that can accommodate every kind of container.

Towel: Spinning® means sweating, and that means making sure you are cool and comfortable on the bike. Clearing your body of sweat will help your body regulate its internal temperature, helping you ride harder for longer and losing more weight in the process. A towel not only keeps you comfortable on the inside, but on the outside as well; it’s necessary for keep sweat off your face and out of your eyes so that you can focus on the instructor in front of you. So remember that a towel in class is an absolute must!

Those are two essential items for every Spinning® class, but there are few other things that will truly enhance your ride.

Performance Boosters:

Cycling Shoes: All commercial Spinner® bikes come with toe cages so that you can wear your sneakers or gym shoes to class. But wearing dedicated cycling shoes and cleats can make a great Spinning® ride even better. Cycling shoes have stiff soles so that your pedaling energy is not wasted, but instead transferred into turning that flywheel against heavier and heavier resistance. It’s also safer than wearing regular training shoes because cycling shoes attach to the pedals, so there is a greatly reduced risk of a foot coming free and hitting the moving pedal.

In addition to toe cages, commercial Spinner® bikes comes standard with pedals that fit SPD® cleats, so we recommend looking for MTB shoes first. This ensures that they will fit every kind of Spinner® bike at your local gym or studio.

Heart Rate Monitor: Spinning® has helped millions of people around the world get into the best shape of their lives by basing the program in proven exercise science. We created the Spinning® Energy Zones® to ensure that riders are training intelligently, measuring their intensity, and safely reaching their goals. Bringing a heart rate monitor to class will ensure that you are training in the right zone, maintaining the appropriate intensity, and recovering properly so that you can see real progress over the course of future rides.

Your Phone: This one might be a no-brainer for some, but your smartphone can actually be an invaluable tool during class. A recent study done found that 51 percent of the social media savvy respondents use their smartphone while working out. You can connect your phone to your heart rate monitor to check out your beats per minute, or you can connect it to the SPINPower® console on the Spinner® Chrono Power to track your watts, download your results, and track your progress. Also, using a pace tracker or BMI calculator will give you pinpointed results on how your body is performing so that you can tailor your workouts to be more effective.

Last but certainly not least is one indispensable part of the Spinning® experience…

Your Squad: This one is priceless! It’s no surprise that having a Certified Spinning® Instructor guide your ride and encourage you on your journey help you accomplish your personal goals. They foster a safe, fun, and non-competitive environment for anyone who is new to the program.

There’s also your fellow riders; don’t forget to connect with them for class after class. Keep them in the loop on your progress, your achievements, your setbacks and everything else in between. Sometimes a little positive reinforcement can go a long way, so consider connecting with your instructor and fellow students outside of class. Join common interest clubs, Facebook groups, or sign up for upcoming events or competitions can also help you meet new friends and really build your fitness squad!

We hope this checklist helps you get everything you need for your next Spinning® class. Enjoy the ride!

What essentials do you grab before heading to your studio? Let us know on the Official Spinning® Facebook page or in the comments below!