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Say “Less” to Stress This Holiday Season

Say “Less” to Stress This Holiday Season

Posted by Spinning® on Dec 9th 2020

The holiday season can be stressful enough…throw in the pandemic and you may feel like your stress gauge has been pushed to the max these days. We completely understand, though we also want to help. Given what’s going on, it will serve you to remember these 10 tips and tricks that you can use under normal circumstances – though especially this year – to feel like there’s some semblance of holiday peace at play. 

1. Trade Frowns for Smiles – Stern faces, clenched jaws and grumpy looks can create uptight bodies, which translates into stress. Start your day with a smile at yourself in the mirror.

2. Talk to Yourself in Fun Ways – ‘Find the Child Within.’ Laugh at yourself – not others.

3. Touch Someone Else’s Life – Acts of appreciation and caring can actually contribute to having a healthier heart.

4. Take Time to Listen to Yourself – Focusing on belly breathing will help calm your nerves and reduce stress levels. Think of the analogy of the ocean. The surface is choppy and windy (like your busy life) but 10-20 feet below the water is calm. Tuning into your breath is like going down to calmer waters.

5. Treat Yourself to Pleasure or Passion – Absence of ordinary pleasures may take a greater toll on health than stress does.

6. Turn on Your Imagination – Subconscious minds can’t discern what is real and what isn’t, so your imagination can help you ‘fake it till you make it.’ Picture yourself jumping for joy, smiling and feeling whole and content.

7. Tidy Up Your Life – Avoid the ‘it’s never enough’ syndrome. Some of the biggest deterrents to peace and happiness are daily messages we receive that we need STUFF to make us happy. Simplify, simplify, simplify.

8. Tap in the Universe of Humor – A sense of humor sees the fun in everyday things – keep an attitude of playfulness.

9. Try to be Different – Step outside of the box you’ve put yourself in. Your brain appreciates the stretch. Your mind needs new and different ways to think.

10. Tolerate More and Give Thanks Often – Often we’re rushing about so much that we come incredibly intolerant of others. Our manners have gone away because much of our communication today is via computers and phones rather than face-to-face. Being more patient and giving thanks often goes hand-in-hand. Give thanks for your well-being and go easy on yourself and your loved ones this holiday season.

Tips excerpted from the book “Relax—You May Only Have A Few Minutes Left” by Loretta La Rouche.