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​Research Proves Spinning® Burns Mega Calories!

​Research Proves Spinning® Burns Mega Calories!

Posted by Spinning® on Jul 28th 2021

Dr. Herman Falsetti was a board-certified cardiologist, who specialized in sports medicine, fitness and wellness in Irvine, California. He also had a very interesting Spinning® story to share.

A veteran 30-year cyclist who served as physician to numerous Olympic bicycling teams, Dr. Falsetti sought a way to train indoors during off-months at the peak of his training in the 90s. That was when Dr. Falsetti learned that some of his patients had become addicted to a new indoor cycling program called Spinning®.

Dr. Falsetti was so intrigued by his new passion that he actually compiled research on Spinning®. In an intriguing study, Dr. Falsetti monitored and measured the caloric expenditure of six subjects during a 40-minute Phase 1 Spinning® workout. The results are telling – the six subjects burned a whopping 467-617 calories during a 40-minute Phase 1 Spinning® workout! Wow.

To dive into more specifics of the study, read on!

Heart Rate Response and Calories Burned in a Spinning® Workout