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Polona Gosar,  Spinning® Master Instructor and Power Specialist Master Instructor | Slovenia

Polona Gosar, Spinning® Master Instructor and Power Specialist Master Instructor | Slovenia

Posted by Spinning® on Apr 18th 2018

The first time she taught a class of students, it was so intense the police were called.

Don’t worry - no one was hurt.  No one got in trouble.  And who can blame her?  Polona Gosar was instructing her first Spinning® class to AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” at full-volume. She came a long way to teach that first class though.

After attending classes for the first time at a Spinning® Clinic in Germany, Polona knew she would have to move to Munich and become an instructor herself.  Moving to a different nation for a certification might seem like an impulse decision, but that isn’t quite the case for Polona. Having a background as an athlete in track and field and a desire to further refine her skills, moving to Germany for an education that wasn’t available in Slovenia was logical. Why Spinning®, of all the athletic routes she could have taken? Because for her, it is an activity that isn’t specific to only just one narrow focus of sports and athletics, but a wide open range applying to every discipline. Her story is one of commitment to a fitness well-being program and the belief in helping people.

“I believe that the only thing that helps you keep members loyal is knowledge and using it as a tool to strengthen relationships;  I could see qualities in every aspect of the Spinning® culture, spread by the family of instructors and students. It wasn’t just Spinning® and sports, but friends, relationships and learning about other people and other countries.”

She also loves the flexibility of classes, as they have their own novelty and organic progression. “I love how any class can focus on the science behind the technique but also life, mind and values.” For anyone considering the route to becoming an instructor, Polona's advice is, “Go for it."  The worst that can happen is you take a class and you never teach.  On the other side, you can feel the real Spinning® program, meet new friends, see new cities and really get into the philosophy.”

Polona admits that she doesn’t feel “100% satisfied” with her own performance, and whether or not anyone truly can, she keeps an awareness of herself to ensure that she is teaching correctly, making sure things are right--she strives for perfection with a cautious reminder of her education, and to be as exact as possible when she needs to be.

Located in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Polona is now responsible for instruction in the Balkans, currently at her own facility FIT CITY.  She joined the Spinning® Master Instructor in 2010 and has a Diploma in Fitness from Faculty for Sport University, Ljubljana.