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Natashia Iacovelli – A Soulful Champion’s Tale

Natashia Iacovelli – A Soulful Champion’s Tale

Posted by Spinning® on Nov 12th 2020

A force of nature, Natashia Iacovelli was born to ride. She moved through the world like fireworks – igniting her friends and family with sparks of love and flares of passion along the way. Just before we lost this beautiful soul, Natashia acknowledged that she believed she held a book inside of her to write. Though perhaps what she didn’t know was how eager her Spinning® community friends would be to keep her memory alive in a way she would have appreciated – by writing words with adoration, love, and praise of her life story. With the sentiments of Spinning® MIs from around the globe, we share with you what made beloved Tash who she was and just how she touched people. If you knew her, may you find solace in these words. If you didn’t, may you find inspiration in her grace.

Gracias por los bellos momentos vividos juntos y por aquellas interminables conversaciones del alto calibre emocional. Has dejado una huella imborrable en nuestros corazones agradecidos de ti. Te amaremos siempre Tash

-Rodrigo Vilches Riumalló 

My dear friend and Soul Sister Tash... A fierce warrior of the light who touched so many lives with your strength and tenacity to overcome any obstacle. You empowered other women, spoke from the heart, honored your vulnerability, and showed kindness and gratitude to all you met. Tash, you made me believe again that true friendship does exist. Today I am a better version of myself because of YOU. So in your honor: Let us share more Love, Live to the fullest, Stick our feet in the sand, and Ride our best life!! Until we share more gypsy soul adventures, you are forever in my heart.

-Janine Mongardini

Dearest Natashia, I will miss your BIG, BEAUTIFUL smile and quickness to LAUGH, how you made everyone feel that they are important and mattered, and your sincerity and intense conviction regarding all that you believed in. Heaven has called another angel too soon. Miss & Love you.

-Gina Resina

Spomini so kot iskre,ki pod pepelom tlijo,a ko jih razgrneš,vedno znova zažarijo.

-Polona Gosar

I first met Tash when I was on MI Camp, Miami 2011. She was full of life and so giving. What struck me most, was how proud she was of her daughter and how Tash's face lit up whenever she spoke of her.

-Gina Grant

I was very fortunate to have Tash work with us in Saudi for a whole year in 2017 before she moved to Bali. Tash wasn’t afraid of the unknown and was willing to take risks, she embraced what was different, for women in Saudi she was a source of empowerment and support.

-Fatima Batook

Natashia Iacovelli, what a beautiful name for an artist on the bike and a great soul. We will remember your generous smile, your talent, your energy and good vibes and, of course, the koala gifts you liked so much to bring every time we had the pleasure of sharing time at Conferences. You will be present always among us because members of a great family are never forgotten.

-Pedro Plaza

Tash toured The Kingdom in October of 2016 and visited Riyadh where we all rode one of her most special rides “Soul Sista.” It was a special charity event for breast cancer and served to open our newest branch of Spectrum Wellness for Women. It was the chance of a life time. Thanks to Tash, she made the experience into a special ride of Womanhood. At the event, she mentioned the sisterhood she found so compelling in Saudi, and as I recall, she opened her ride stating that “We are sisters from another mother.” She used that phrase a lot to describe the special bond we have with each other because we’re all going through similar events in our lives and have similar feelings. As best as I can quote Tash, she believed, “We need to see the similarity not the differences, and the world will be a better, more loving and understanding place for us to live and thrive.”

-Tracy Aldereyaane

Tash changed my life completely. If I'd not met her I would not have become a Spinning® Instructor. She was instrumental in creating my path towards becoming Master Instructor. Tash didn't wait for opportunities to come her way. She stepped up, toed the line and made things happen. Tash will be forever in my heart and thoughts, and I will always carry her strength, wisdom and compassion throughout my Spinning® journey.

-Karen Gorman

My dearest Tash, you charmed us with your passion, your sparkle, your amazingly big heart and your endless knowledge of the Spinning program. Team 360, we were so blessed to be trained as MI's by our "SoulSista Tash" – forever in our hearts, our souls, our wings that fly together. There is a place filled with sunshine, a beach and the peacefulness of the ocean where we know you are settling your beautiful mind and body. Miss you forever.

-Nancy McCorry 

The magic of Natashia was that she was a wanderer of life, and yet simultaneously taught each of us the importance of having roots, of being grounded, and of being present. She was a light we all gravitated toward; she was warmth, peace and laughter. Being with Tash always felt like coming home: safe, embraced, and loved. She has now winged her flight to the celestial ocean, dipping her toes in the water as she always loved to do.

-Luciana Marcial-Vincion 

Tash was that human that when you met her you knew she was someone special.She was generous, thoughtful, compassionate and had heart space for everyone (and any dog) she met. She was the best roommate, mentor, motivator and sister

-Martha Williams

Tash helped me to understand what it is to have a sister less the sibling rivalry. Just unconditional love and respect for each other and she always expressed her admiration for my family.

-Jodi Mair

After Martin spent some time in Portugal with Tash at 24h Beach, Martin remembers that Natashia remarked, “I am proud being here with these guys. They do what they stand for – always.” I am proud knowing Natashia as a strong and mindful woman.

-Martin Timmerman

Although I never had the opportunity to spend time with Natashia directly, her beautiful soul will remain with all of us in the Spinning® family forever. Her spirit, energy and passion for life will inspire me to be the best person I can be. My only regret was that I never had the chance to experience Tash. Peace and joy to you and your family, Tash!

-Robin Divine

One of the many special moments of WSSC is the ability to be with our global team members we see only yearly. Every year when I saw Tash there was always a huge smile and big hug. She always made everyone feel special and shared her loving light. One very special time was to celebrate her birthday on the beach. That year I stayed an extra day and was alone. Tash saw me and immediately said, "You are not staying alone. You are definitely joining us. You're tiny, we'll make room." I was so grateful to share in her celebration. Heaven is lucky to have such a special angel.

-Maryjo Ruckel 

I have so many incredible memories of Tash to even begin to pick out something to highlight! She and I joked that I have traveled with her more places than my own husband, which is the truth! We liked to put our feet in the sand and create ... a ride idea, a workshop, a retreat, a dream of our next adventure. We said we were planting seeds ... to see what would eventually come from our plans and plots and brilliant ideas. I am grateful for every one of them that has come to fruition. She describes herself as "a gypsy and globetrotter at heart" and my life will be a different place without her. I am truly grateful for every memory we created together. She will forever be my Soulsista.

-Tami Reilly


Nestor Salinas celebrating a good ride with Natashia.

Natashia rising high....  

Natashia shining bright...