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Mother’s Day – A Special Tribute to Natashia Iacovelli by her Daughter, Jamie-Hannah Lane

Mother’s Day – A Special Tribute to Natashia Iacovelli by her Daughter, Jamie-Hannah Lane

Posted by Spinning® on May 6th 2021

On November 7, 2020, the Spinning® community lost a beloved sister – MI Natashia Iacovelli. To honor her mum and carry on Tash's legacy, her daughter Jamie-Hannah Lane, attended the Spinning® Instructor Certification in Australia with MI Karen Gorman and is now a Certified Spinning® Instructor.

We checked in with Jamie on this memorable Mother’s Day to see how she is honoring her mom today. Jamie’s inspirational life perspective, reverence for her mom, and desire to carry on her legacy are truly felt in her words below. Like mother, like daughter – Tash lives on through Jamie’s inner strength and wisdom, verve and gusto – both for Spinning® and for life.

On the day I write this, it’s been exactly six months since our beloved Tash gained her wings and became heaven’s most beautiful angel; and it is my greatest blessing to share my writing, a treasured gift that I got from my Mama, as a special tribute to her and for Mother’s Day.

When I completed the Spinning® Certification in honor of my Mama, it was very emotional and sentimental for me. The most rewarding part about Spinning® for me is how close I feel to her when I am riding. I feel her energy within me – her drive and passion. What really resonates with me, is sharing the same passion my Mama had for fitness and health, for mind body and soul wellness, and for Spinning®. It is almost like I am carrying on her legacy; and wherever this passion takes me, I will do it for her and for me.

Since completing the Spinning® Certification, I have been on a journey trying to find myself again after the loss of my Mama. With time, I am slowly healing. What I find helps, is writing and moving my body; whether that be working out, Spinning®, walking, yoga, or whatever feels right for me in the moment. And I am not alone, because she is always with me…her spirit lives on in me, which gives me the strength to get through each day. I am a strong woman because a strong woman raised me.

My future plan is to study fitness, nutrition, and yoga soon. Once I’ve completed that, I will follow in Mama’s footstep, but baby steps: teach Spinning® and grow within the Spinning® community, then hopefully become a Master Instructor one day.

To honor Mama, I find strength doing what I love and am passionate about— writing and moving my body, especially Spinning®. Also, fully embracing life while I still have the opportunity to do so. I always wake up every morning, with appreciation and focus on what really matters. Life is too short and precious.

My dream is, one day, to do a tribute Spinning® ride for my Mama. I hope to ride alongside the Spinning® Tribe from around the world in a ride that is dedicated to her, with a playlist of songs that she and I shared together since I was a little girl. We really loved old school music: Michael Jackson, Wham, INXS, ABBA, Fleetwood Mac; you name it, we probably loved it. The most iconic one that really reminds me of her would have to be “Dancing Queen” by ABBA.

One day, I will do this ride for our special Tash, our Dancing Queen, and our Angel. I love you, Mama. 

One of Tash’s favorite Spinning® events was WSSC. You might consider riding in her honor at the upcoming virtual event created in the spirit of that annual global gathering – HARMONY: A SPINNING® EXPERIENCE  on Sunday, June 6 @ 9 AM Pacific. More details to come via social media and email!