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Meet the Warriors: Monica Godfrey | North Carolina, USA

Meet the Warriors: Monica Godfrey | North Carolina, USA

Posted by Spinning® on Apr 18th 2018

By Christina Castañeda

WSSC Monica Warrior RideNo matter where Sergeant First Class (Ret.) Monica Godfrey was deployed or where she was stationed, she was able to find Spinning® classes on her tours of duty. The “emotional, spiritual, personal and physical connections” always gave her a sense of feeling at home, growing stronger and staying motivated.As a soldier, Monica takes the Army’s Warrior Ethos to heart. After more than 23 years of service, Sergeant First Class (Ret.) Godfrey is now offering a new noble service as a Certified Spinning Instructor.

Placing the Mission First

With the success of her classes, Monica’s ultimate goal is to have her own studio and “not treat it like it’s a gym.” Instead, she wants a different business model that allows fitness to be available for everyone. Her new mission? Make anyone in need of fitness begin and fulfill their journey—where no one is left behind!

Never Accept Defeat

While setbacks will happen, Monica encourages her riders to continue their journey no matter what obstacles they face. This inspired these riders to not only continue on their Spinning journeys, but to reach out to others who are suffering through their battles with health. When the mother of one of these riders (who recently became a Certified Spinning Instructor herself) was diagnosed with breast cancer, Monica and her team of riders came together and raised money for her to attend a Spinning Instructor Training at Luciana Marical-Vincion’s Charleston Ride.


A Warrior for Spinning

Monica continues maintain and apply the Army’s Warrior Ethos to her classes, which earned her a place as a featured Warrior in Josh Taylor’s Warrior Ride at the 2015 WSSC Conference.“A Warrior? That’s a soldier. We protect and serve the country, we are the ones that keep the country free and that’s the ultimate sacrifice, giving your life on the line, sign the contract to protect, defend and serve. It’s more than just that, you’re making a statement, you’re helping other people. In the Army, we have a saying that you’re not leaving a fallen comrade behind.”

Never Quit

Being retired doesn’t mean you stop learning; there’s always more to give. As she prepares for her new business venture, Monica keeps herself educated with new sessions at the WSSC Conference for more ideas to take home to her riders. “I love being retired,” Monica says, “I can teach classes and further my education.”

Never Leave a Fallen Comrade

“We’re all here to help one another in that fitness arena,” says Monica. “We’re all instructors and have that passion to help others and that’s where we’re playing it forward. And within in fitness, they want to emulate someone as to how they got there; it’s all about leading, coaching, and mentoring so they can get there too.”Join the mission and feel the rewards of noble service. For Monica, “the satisfaction that you get from changing someone’s life” is the ultimate reward and the mission is never ending!Join the mission to bring fitness to everyone in need! Share your story or subscribe to our newsletter!