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​Holiday BONUS: Become a Certified Spinning® Instructor for FREE!

​Holiday BONUS: Become a Certified Spinning® Instructor for FREE!

Posted by Spinning® on Dec 7th 2021

Picture this…

You wake up after the holidays and you’re filled with eagerness and excitement rather than dismay that the festive time of the year has drawn to a close. Why? Because you caught wind of our holiday special this season and purchased your very own Spin® bike, which came with a free certification! We can hear you chanting from here… "Bring on the new you – and a bike too – in 2022!”

Here’s how the holiday promo works:

Purchase the Blade Connected Spinner® Bike now through 12.31.21 and you can also enroll in a Spinning® certification course for free. Choose from the original Spinning® Instructor Certification, SPINPower® Certification, or Rockstar Spinning® Instructor Certification. This special includes FREE shipping (48 contiguous United States), a free heart rate monitor, free cadence sensor, and a free subscription to Spinning® Digital, home to rockstar instructors and the passionate Spinning® community.

What does this special gift mean for you? First off, you get to take your love for Spinning® up a level and be leading classes by 2022! You’re now fired up to become an instructor with the world’s #1 indoor cycling certification course created by the original, authentic Spinning® program.

And what better way to learn, practice and succeed than with your very own bike that you can ride in your own home, anytime! Take it from those who have gone before you by getting certified on their own bike at home. Kayla LaPierre shares, I was able to complete the course on my own time and at my own pace. This allowed me to spend more time on material I needed more time with.” You said it, Kayla! What better way to apply what you learn – like riding techniques and class design format – than by getting on your own bike at home and practicing as much as you need to. And when you start teaching at the gym, you can use your bike at home to run through your profiles before class. It’s a complete win-win sweet holiday boon.

If you’re not familiar with our Spinning® Instructor Certification, here’s what you can expect from the course and why you’d want to do it on your own bike:

Part 1: General Safety, Spinner Bike Design and Features, Basic Bike Fit, Shoes and Pedals, Advanced Bike Fit, Form and Technique on the Bike, and Contraindications.

Part 2: Heart Rate Training, Class Design, Music, Coaching Techniques, and Presenting A Ride.

Imagine having the opportunity to dive into all this content while literally seated on your bike. In this way, you can test out your bike fit in real-time, practice your form and technique on the spot, and even get hip to heart rate training on the fly. Plus, after learning all the instructor skills like class design, music and coaching, you can hop on your brand-new bike and practice your presenting skills. In this way, you’ll experience the effort while riding, which will support what you’re learning and help you teach better!

So whether you choose to tune into your SpinU course with a tablet mounted to the Spin® bike, a nearby laptop or TV, you will be able to complete the online certification in a way that accommodates your greatest learning potential on your own home bike. And bam, just like that, 2022 will usher in a totally new you and a bike to boot! Are you ready to lead the pack?