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Gina Grant, Spinning® Master Instructor | Egypt

Gina Grant, Spinning® Master Instructor | Egypt

Posted by Spinning® on Apr 18th 2018

Gina became a certified Spinning® instructor and a Master Instructor because formerly there was no Spinning® program in her home country of Egypt. She was certified with another indoor cycling program, but wanted a more comprehensive approach that was more firmly based in science. Gina has a passion for information and teaching, and wanted to teach instructors that didn’t have the luxury of being able to travel outside of Egypt to get educated.

Gina loves the positive impact the Spinning® program has on riders, and how it grabs their attention so they keep coming back for more. She emphasizes the connection between the body, the bike and other riders. “Everyone has their own space, no competition but all are absolutely comrades. It’s amazing when two riders look at each other and know how each is feeling without saying a word.” She advises aspiring instructors to ride, learn the technicalities, plan, and then let your mind explore the possibilities of the road. Self-described as shy, Gina doesn’t let that get in the way of her passion for sharing the program with everyone who walks into her studios or trainings. She incorporates music that moves people to reach down and dig a little deeper, encouraging freedom of mind and body while helping riders to internalize and focus on themselves.

A Ugi® Master Instructor, Gina is also certified as a personal trainer with AFFA, and a fitness trainer and specialist in performance nutrition with ISSA. She is also a Resist-A-Ball® instructor, a YogaFit instructor and is certified by TRX Suspension Training and TRX Sports Medicine.

A long-time rider, who attended my classes regularly, finished his Spinning® Instructor Training, looked me in the eye and asked me if I remembered him when he first started riding. Twelve months before he came to me overweight, with low self-esteem and said he wanted to try, but wasn’t sure if he would last the class. The sheer look of joy on his face when we finished the final ride for his instructor training was a picture I will never forget. He is now a great Spinning® instructor and people flock to his classes.