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Get BACK TO THE BIKE with Trent David

Get BACK TO THE BIKE with Trent David

Posted by Spinning® on Mar 31st 2022

We totally get it. Perhaps you took a pause from Spinning®. Maybe you’ve recently recovered from illness or injury. Well, we do understand that sometimes a bike hiatus happens or you simply need a workout reboot. If you’ve fallen off your Spinning® routine, Trent is here to help you get back in the saddle as easily as possible.

That why we’ve created a new Spinning® Digital Collection called Back to the Bike – a 4-part ride series designed to help riders come back to their fitness routine with a gradual, purposeful progression of rides that will re-introduce the basics and coach them to set fitness goals.

Take it from Trent David, the Spinning® Digital instructor who will masterfully guide you through this on-demand ride collection: “We’ve all been through stops and starts with our cycling routine. Sometimes we take a break, and then we want to get back, but we need a little help. That’s why I created this series. I invite you to join me if you’ve gotten off your path and want to come back. Come ride with me!”

Here’s the low-down on the rides:

Session 1

Back to the Bike Session 1 is 30 minutes of simple, encouraging coaching with Trent's playful, lighthearted style that our Spinning® Digital community loves. Just ease back into things, find your connection to the bike, and remember how good it feels to ride in that moderate, aerobic Zone 2. No pressure, no big challenges in this one. Just enjoy Seated Flats and Seated Climbs with some refreshers on technique and terminology.

Session 2

Back to the Bike Session 2 is 30-minute ride that builds on Session 1 by taking the moves out of the saddle. The Zone 2 intensity is moderate to hard, but still aerobic. You’ll get all the form and technique coaching you need to re-introduce those Standing Flats and Standing Climbs. After this ride, you will truly feel like you’re on the path, and you’ll be ready for a little more challenge in Session 3.

Session 3

Back to the Bike Session 3 ramps up to 45 minutes, but with plenty of recovery and options as the training gets a little more challenging. Trent is right there with you, guiding you with small goals, and always encouraging and always reminding you to pay attention to your heart rate and perceived exertion—especially for those important recovery periods. By the end of this ride, it won’t feel like a’ll feel like you’ve been here for years!

Session 4

Back to the Bike Session 4 is the ride where you get to celebrate what you’ve accomplished and put all that you’ve learned together in a 45-minute ride that you will crush! The intensity dips in into Zone 3—anaerobic threshold, and you’re ready for it! Let’s go!

How do you gain access to Back to the Bike?

Sign up now for a monthly subscription to Spinning® Digital. You’ll receive $3 off your monthly fee, bringing the price down to $9.99 per month for 3 months. The normal price applies after 3 months. Deal expires June 30, 2022. Coupon code: COMEBACK.

If you’re already a Spinning® Digital subscriber, click here!

It really is that easy to get Back to the Bike.

“I created this series because I know that when we’ve been off the bike for a while, sometimes it’s hard to get started again. Let me help you break through that first step. No pressure, let’s just have fun!”