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Gabriela Berardi, Spinning® Master Instructor | Argentina

Gabriela Berardi, Spinning® Master Instructor | Argentina

Posted by Spinning® on Jan 22nd 2019

María Gabriela Berardi has a degree in Social Communication and has worked as a journalist in graphics, television and radio media. She has served as the Director of Institutional Relations and Press in the corporate energy industry. She is owner and director of SPINIT CENTER, an Official Center of Spinning® and Fitness, founded in 2009 and located in the city of San Pedro, Buenos Aires, Argentina. As a sports coach, she coordinates programs for changing habits and healthy living including nutrition, sports, mindfulness and psychology. Gabriela also trains blind people, encouraging them through both personal and fitness challenges. She is a teacher of classical and Spanish dances and participated in National Tournaments of Aerobic Choreography and Fitness. She is the first female Spinning® Master Instructor in Argentina and has managed to bring together her three great passions: teaching, communicating, and training and promoting a healthy and fit life.

I am convinced that it is necessary to believe in oneself and in our own abilities. If we really strive to fulfill our dreams, with love and passion it can become reality. It is a pride for me to have been designated as a Master Instructor of the Spinning ® Program; being the first woman in Argentina, I feel a personal and professional satisfaction and this reaffirms my desire to continue fighting for what I truly love and feel. Nowadays, reality can be a bit harder than our ability to face and fight, but it is these little things that motivate us to continue. I hope this message can fill you with energy and motivation so that everyone who reads this, keep fighting for each objective, dreaming each dream, because in the end, what matters is the path we travel.