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Carlos Fuentes, Spinning® Master Instructor and Power Specialist Master Instructor | Spain

Posted by Spinning® on Apr 18th 2018

Carlos Fuentes Carlos Fuentes

Carlos Fuentes has been active in sports since childhood, and running, swimming and cycling have always been his favorites. He first heard about Spinning® at a fitness conference, and for the past fifteen years he has been training with the program. He was inspired to become a certified instructor because he had a desire to learn more about the program. He then went on to become a Master Instructor in order to share and teach the Spinning program all around the world.For Carlos, “The most beautiful thing about Spinning is seeing how students progress and reach their goals—it’s very rewarding.” Rather than choose just a single favorite song, Carlos believes that “all music can be perfect, if you know how to choose the appropriate moment.” He says that a perfect Spinning workout is a combination of the energy of the riders and the ability of the instructor to make it flow, and counts as his heroes everyone who practices Spinning every day, around the world.In addition to his work in the health and fitness industry, which includes more than 50 50 courses in applications of sports health and rehabilitation process, a specialization in vital body massage and sports massage and a certification as a TRX® instructor, Carlos works as a nurse in the Spanish army and has a degree in psychology.

The most important and exciting experience I have had as an instructor was when one of my students, who had been training for many years, became pregnant. She decided to continue her classes throughout and after her pregnancy, and she returned after her baby was born and said ‘Thank you, I never thought that Spinning would help me in this stage as a mother. My daughter was born healthy and strong and being involved in sport has made a huge difference in my experience of pregnancy.’ I will never forget those words.