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Anne Beiersdorf, Spinning® Master Instructor | Germany

Anne Beiersdorf, Spinning® Master Instructor | Germany

Posted by Spinning on Aug 31st 2021

For Anne, health and the human body have always played an important role in her life. She works full time in orthopedics and sports medicine, traveling to various hospitals and working with surgeons to help with new or difficult surgical techniques. Her motto is ‘Helping surgeons to treat their patients better,” and she passionately strives to achieve this.

She has been a certified Spinning® Instructor since 2007. Her sports career began at the young age of 6 when she started playing handball, and she played for more than 20 years at the semi-professional level. She is a teacher of many different modalities in the fitness industry, and in addition she has worked as a Master Trainer for IFHIAS (International Fitness and Health Institute for Applied Sciences) teaching the Iron System™.

Anne believes that Spinning® is the perfect symbiosis of fun, health prevention and sport success!