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Angie Sturtevant, SPINPower® Program Creator | Colorado, USA

Angie Sturtevant, SPINPower® Program Creator | Colorado, USA

Posted by Spinning® on Apr 18th 2018

Angie first started taking Spinning® classes as a means to train for cycling performance during the winter months. She was planning to open a cycling performance studio, so she started checking out all the options and signed up for an instructor training to learn more about the methodology behind the Spinning® program. She and her husband took the training together, then brought the program to the city they lived in, concentrating on bringing wellness, fitness and performance. As the creator of the SPINPower® program, Angie also brings that expertise to the indoor cycling community, always emphasizing the importance of education and smart training principles to help riders achieve their goals.A fan of everything from classic rock to techno, Angie often incorporates silence into her rides so that riders can discover their intuitive rhythm and own inner voice. She loves Spinning® because “it is easy to learn and is for everyone of all populations. The bike is adjustable and the intensity can be managed based on smart training principles, which is the key to positive adaptations and results. And, it is as easy as riding a bike.”A huge dog lover, Angie likes to say that she treats her dog like her child—she has her own bedroom with a huge bed and even a Facebook page. While she’s terrified of snakes, Angie dreams of one day getting into a shark cage, surrounded by great whites, and, during tornado warnings, stands on the deck with her camera instead of going in for shelter.A prominent presenter for the SPINPower® Program, Angie is also a USA Cycling Elite Level 1 Coach, a USA Cycling Power Coach, a USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach, a USA Triathlon Junior/Youth Coach, a Medgraphics/Korr Metabolic Specialist, a CycleOps Power Advanced Coach and an ACE Group Fitness instructor.

“My hero is the student who overcomes the most challenges to attend and finish class. One in particular is the paraplegic student that could not ride a Spinner® bike. Yet, he attended the class and watched from within his wheelchair. One day, we wheeled the big old, gigantic arm ergometer from the gym into the studio, then removed the seat. He could wheel right into it and pedal with his arms. He attended the most Spinning® classes, started and finished with everyone, never whined and was the motivation to everyone in the room. Although he never rode a Spinner® bike, he validated that Spinning® is an experience for everyone!”