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Andre Struik, Spinning® Master Instructor and Power Specialist Master Instructor | Netherlands

Posted by Spinning® on Jul 21st 2020

Andre Struik

A former elementary school teacher, Andre was drawn to the Spinning® program because he missed teaching. He wanted to combine his two passions—teaching and fitness—and Spinning was the perfect place to do that. Over the hears he developed himself as an instructor, diving into continuing education and special events in order to hone his skills. As a Master Instructor, he loves training new instructors to deliver the program about which he is so passionate. Andre’s favorite element of the Spinning program is the freedom to ride. He loves “the ability to go to everywhere in the universe just in your own class. I love how people get inspired with the program as soon as they step on the bike. Even really “down to earth” people are able to just give themselves in a class.” An all-around music lover, Andre seeks songs that have a good flow and that motivate riders to achieve great results while always having fun.

When asked about his heroes, Andre responded that “everyone who steps on the bike and joins the community is a hero in my opinion. The beauty of the program is that everyone can take part, regardless of age, sex, health, condition, weight, etc.” His advice for aspiring instructors? “JUST DO IT!!!”

A regular instructor of Spinning classes and continuing education in the Netherlands, Andre is also a Les Mills BodyPump instructor, a ClubJoy Power instructor a Gladiator Workouts trainer and a Sportvasten coach.

“In my own gym we have hosted a charity event for the Dutch Cancer Foundation for a couple of years now. Every year I have had the opportunity to teach the final class. At the beginning of the class we’ve taken some time to think of why we are doing the event and why we are riding for six hours. The real and honest emotion of the people in the room is absolutely amazing. The environment that has been created with each other to share emotions is absolutely without words. And from those true emotions it’s amazing to end the event with a great climax (sometimes again with a tear).”