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Q&A with Spinning® Master Instructor Carlos Fuentes | Spain

Q&A with Spinning® Master Instructor Carlos Fuentes | Spain

Posted by Spinning® on Apr 18th 2018

Spinning® Master Instructor Carlos Fuentes works double duty in both as a Spinning instructor and in the Spanish Army. While being deployed on a mission this month and being unable to participate in this year's WSSC Conference, we wanted to put his story first as Carlos has made it a mission of his own to nobly put his riders’ needs first and still remain focused and balanced in tough situations.

About Carlos FuentesCarlos Fuentes Master Instructor Spinning

Q: How often do you teach a week and where?A: Currently, I practice two to four times a week, depending on the time I have available.Q: What is the most unique feature about your facility?A: The most important feature of the centers where I work are, of course, riders. I love having riders of all ages and different fitness levels. This is what I value most, I have always worked in centers that met this feature.

About My Profiles and Rides

Q: What's your favorite ride profile?A: Flats, I am a lover of flat lands; it is in them that I feel the flow is more unabated and it is when I feel free.Q: What is the most unusual, yet successful, song to play in class?A: For me it is nothing unusual, but I recognize that it is not very common to use this type of music. “Carmina Burana (Carl Orff)”, by O Fortuna -  André Rieu. The remix is fine, but as the original, there is nothing like it where I feel the same rush of power while pedaling.Q: What are your Spinning essentials?A: My Spinner® bike, my heart rate monitor, and my iPod. Although I do not forget my Spinning gear either.

My Favorite Things

Q: What is your favorite part of being a Spinning instructor?Carlos Fuentes Master Instructor SpinningA: Knowing that you are doing good things for your health and that of your riders. The most important and exciting experience I've had as an instructor was when one of my riders, who had been training for many years, became pregnant. She decided to continue her classes throughout and after her pregnancy.  She returned after her baby was born and said, “Thank you, I never thought that Spinning would help me in this stage as a mother. My daughter was born healthy and strong and being involved in the sport has made a huge difference in my experience of pregnancy.” I will never forget those words.Q: When not on a bike, what are your other hobbies? A: I have many interests; almost too many. I love reading, from novels to literary essays and science fiction. Cinema is another of my hobbies. When participating in winter sports and mountain sports, they can easily make me lose mental control, and of course cannot forget running, swimming and “Bikram® yoga.”

Advice for Instructors

Q: What inspires you to continue coaching and leading rides? A: I continue with the same strength, enthusiasm and commitment that my first day as a coach. That feeling and of course all riders and instructors Spinning program are the real engine of my personal motivation.Q: What's your secret weapon to keep clients coming back?A: The best tool to keep customers coming back is to make your classes with the same dedication and enthusiasm that first day. You must also enable each class besides being group should be specific to the goal of every one of your riders.Q: What is one training tip or mantra that you follow every day? A: For me it is essential at least once per day, to take deep breaths to get a deep relaxation and then enjoy a cup of green tea. I normally use Gyokuro or Matcha.

Strength and Recovery for Riders and Fighters

Q: What advice would you give about how to stay mentally focused in tough situations?A: In those moments, always use the same phrase, that all who have ridden with me have heard: "The constancy and perseverance are the secret of success."Q: How does Spinning help you prepare for the special missions beforeCarlos Fuentes Master Instructor Spinning you're deployed? A: Spinning helps me to be in perfect physical shape, and helps me to be mentally prepared. When I'm stressed or very worried about something, pedaling for a long time on my Spinner® bike in my house helps me focus and relax. In summary, I think the sport and of course my training under the Spinning program helps me to be in perfect balance; mind-body, strong and flexible, hard and soft, good to better.Q: How does your background in psychology help you train and mentor instructors? A: I think that in life, the knowledge of the human mind is essential to get better and improve. This reflection in the sports world is far more important today, a sportsman is nothing if they have not a strong mind accompanying a prepared and trained body. I think my knowledge of psychology helps me find the best of each person and help them in order to find and achieve their goals.

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