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Q&A with Spinning® Master Instructor, Angela Amedio | New York, USA

Q&A with Spinning® Master Instructor, Angela Amedio | New York, USA

Posted by Spinning® on Apr 18th 2018

USA Angela Amedio

What is your favorite pre and/or post-workout meal?

I love a cold-pressed green juice (cucumber, ginger, lemon, kale, etc.) or a banana with almond butter.

What is your regimen for warming up before a ride?

I like to bring my heart rate up slowly by pedaling with light resistance. I also use pedal stroke drills and breathing exercises if it is appropriate. Music is also so important – it sets the tone for the ride.

How do you recover after a difficult ride?

My studio just hosted a meditation recovery ride followed by gentle yoga. It was set to candlelight and acoustic music. It was perfect to recover both body and mind.

What type of weight/strengthening exercises do you pair or alternate with Spinning®?

Off the bike, I try to focus on upper body and core strength. Wall sits with a shoulder press, chest flies, bicep curls, plank-ups and tricep pushups are just some of my favorites.

What is your favorite motivational song?

At the moment, I am loving “Fire Under My Feet” by Leona Lewis.

Do you have any tricks or phrases that you say (or think to yourself) during a difficult ride or climb?

I am visually motivated, so I keep a close eye on my heart rate on my Apple watch. If I see the number slip, I know I need to bring back my focus and push harder.


How do you pace yourself and continue to build throughout the ride?

If I have a 60 minute ride, I think of it in 15 minute segments. That keeps me working hard, but smart so that I can make it until the end.

How can you make Spinning® more fun?

We just had a “Girls Night Out” ride last night. We collaborated with a local accessory boutique who offered discounts, snacks, champagne and some great raffles. The ride featured a lot of “girl power” songs. Even the guys in the crowd had a blast!

What is one piece of equipment (ex: HR monitor, saddle pad, earplugs, etc.) that you find necessary for your workouts?

My Apple watch has changed my life! The heart rate readout is pretty accurate and no chest strap is required like a typical heart rate monitor. It keeps you accountable and gives you instant feedback from your ride.

Example of bike stances or techniques for targeting specific parts of the body (ex: thighs, calves, glutes, arms, etc.)

Jumps on a Hill are a great technique for building strength. You have to concentrate on all of the muscle groups that allow you to rise and return to the saddle with grace and control.

Define one of your favorite Spinning terms.

“Resistance”. This can be a very misunderstood and intimidating term to some. Each bike is unique, and each rider is unique with unique goals in mind. A good coach uses several different kinds of cues to communicate to their riders what the resistance used should be and what should be accomplished.

What are the benefits of becoming a Spinning instructor?

You have a network of Spinning Master Instructors all throughout the world to support, educate and nurture you to reach your goals in the fitness industry. Being a Spinning instructor means you are certified with the founders of indoor cycling and based in real exercise science and outdoor riding – awesome!

How do you get back on track after a vacation or injury, or just when you fall behind on your goals?

By hopping on a Spinner® bike! There is nothing better to get your mind and body back on track. I guarantee you will feel great afterwards!

Please share some ideas for Spinning class themes and profiles.

I recently coached a ride directed towards runners. They often have injuries or problems that a low-impact ride can really help to solve. We rode mostly in a Seated Flat with a few rolling hills to help build strength. Spinning is great cross-training for any athlete.

How do you motivate yourself when you are having a difficult day or do not feel like getting in the saddle?

I put on a cute outfit! It isn’t just vanity, I swear! makes great apparel that allows you to ride comfortably and represent Mad Dogg Athletics, which brings me great pride in what I do.

In your opinion, when is the best (or your favorite) time to take or instruct a Spinning class?

It depends on the individual, but I like to ride at night after I have left the office for the day. It clears my mind and leaves me feeling good all night.

What is your favorite thing about your job as a Spinning® Instructor?

The positive impact we have on our riders. We have an opportunity to change lives, one pedal stroke at a time, and that is invaluable.A perfect day for me is waking up to snow falling on a cold day, putting on my Spinning gear and teaching a full class to eager riders at my licensed Spinning studio. There is something about the heat created in the room when riders are working hard that makes it a perfect day.In my gym bag you’ll find socks, headbands, hair ties, SPD-compatible shoes, my Apple watch, a granola bar, Nars lip gloss, Dove spray deodorant, a stop watch, a plumb line for bike setup, my profile notebook, business cards, $10 cash and cough drops.The number one thing on my bucket list is to go on safari in Africa.When I’m not teaching, you can find me running my business, the Saratoga Cycling Studio. I attend a lot of charity events, networking meetings, and social events to meet new riders and educating them about Spinning.