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How to Maintain Your Cycling Performance as The Summer Sun Fades Away

How to Maintain Your Cycling Performance as The Summer Sun Fades Away

Posted by Spinning® on Apr 18th 2018

Long summer days that include scenic bike rides and additional hours of sunlight are something even the most casual cyclist can appreciate. However, as summer comes to a close and the days get shorter, it’s time for those of you outdoor cycling enthusiasts to make a few adjustments and head indoors for your cycling fix. Considering the Spinning program was built to replicate the road bike experience, many cyclists have found it to be an excellent alternative during the darker months of the year.

Improve Your Fitness

Many riders take advantage of the late sunsets and warm weather to log a ton of miles on their outdoor bikes, and some may even go as far as to plan a vacation revolved entirely around cycling. These riders typically return to class in superb shape with plenty of enthusiasm forriding regardless of the roof over their head. Talk to these riders to learn from their experiences and where they have identified areas they can improve. Indoor cycling is the perfect way to focus specifically on weak spots riders identified during the summer season. For instance, if a rider had no problem keeping pace on flat terrains but regularly struggled while going up hills, plan some rides that feature plenty of uphill climbs. If performance is not an issue, you can utilize your time indoors to focus on your weight loss goals. Lastly, be sure to remind these riders of the importance of recovery. If they have just completed a big block of riding early, fall is a great time to schedule an easier period with plenty of rides that will maintain your fitness level.

Relax & Recover

Alternatively, some of your riders may have taken a vacation from cycling. A good rule of thumb is that returning to form takes twice as long as it does to lose it — so it would take four weeks for a rider to return to the same level of fitness they had achieved before their two-week hiatus. Rather than getting discouraged, remind yourself and your fellow riders of the integral importance of allowing your body time to rest and recover. Stressing the importance of taking time off is great for your body and by the time summer is back you can return with renewed focus and passion.

Have Fun

Finally, remember to keep it fun! Returning to the studio does not mean countless hours toiling away in front of a fan. Spinning is full of engaging profiles, thoughtful playlists and expert advice from industry leading instructors. It is these benefits that make the Spinning program so comparable, and, in some cases, more enjoyable than outdoor rides during the summertime.