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Getting Started: How to Beat Excuses

Getting Started: How to Beat Excuses

Posted by Spinning® on Apr 18th 2018

When it comes to attracting new members, understanding why people don’t exercise is just as important as understanding why they do. Identifying and addressing the barriers that keep potential members from taking up an exercise program is critical. Odds are that you’ve heard most of these excuses before, but the Spinning® program’s unique attributes address and tackle them all.

I try to exercise, but I just can’t stick with it

Having a workout buddy is a great way to stay motivated. When your members take a Spinning class, they’ll get a room full of workout buddies. The camaraderie that develops in a class and the motivation that Spinning instructors impart upon their students are surefire ways to help members stick with a program. Having an instructor or fellow student say “I missed you at class last night” is likely to make your members think twice before skipping another one.

I’m just not getting results

Because almost anyone can pedal a bike, your members will benefit from a Spinning class from day one—regardless of their coordination or flexibility. Members lacking coordination may not break a sweat in a Zumba class because they’re struggling with a new routine instead of moving, and less flexible members may have a hard time completing a yoga class. As a result, these classes may not deliver their full benefits to many of your members.A user of solo cardio equipment can also step up his or her results by taking a Spinning class. It’s one thing to hop a bike, pick up a magazine and half-heartedly pedal for 40 minutes. But in a Spinning class, your members will be coached, motivated and guided through a workout that ensures they will burn more calories, build an aerobic base, and see the results.

I don’t have time to work out

The Spinning program was designed to deliver serious benefits in a 30 to 60 minute class. Each class has a specific training goal so that students remained challenged and engaged without burning out or overdoing it.

Exercise is painful

We won’t pretend that a deconditioned individual won’t be sore after their first Spinning class. But because participants can adjust their resistance and go at their own pace, the Spinning program is conducive to taking the “baby steps” that lead to long-term fitness. The Spinning approach to training also integrates recovery, which allows sore muscles to recuperate and reduces the risk of injury.Most importantly, the Spinning program’s emphasis on heart rate training gives members a scientific way to measure their effort and make sure they’re not over-doing it.

I just hate exercise

There’s a reason kids love to ride their bikes. It’s fun! Throw in a great group of people, some inspirational tunes and an incredible instructor, and most members will admit that Spinning class is actually fun. Invite potential members to take a free Spinning class by participating in our Ticket to Ride program.Odds are they’ll be hooked.Spinning enthusiasts can also access a wealth of information by visiting for training tips, frequently asked questions and articles ensure that they’re getting sound information rather than a bunch of hype.