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Exercise Barriers and Solutions in Allergy Season

Exercise Barriers and Solutions in Allergy Season

Posted by Spinning® on Apr 18th 2018

By Maggie Winzeler of Wellnesswinz.comIf you’re one of many individuals who suffers from seasonal allergies then you may be feeling blue during the early spring weather because you can’t fully enjoy exercising outdoors. If your head feels like a kettlebell has been shoved inside it, and your water-logged eyes are drawing inquisitive looks from co-workers, then it may be best to stick to indoor workouts before you blaze any trails.

Allergy Symptoms

Daily hacking and sneezing can make even the toughest IRONMAN® exhausted. Even though you may feel like curling up on the couch with a box of tissues, it’s important to continue stimulating your body. Exercise naturally “detoxes” the body by helping fluids circulate, to include sinus fluids! Keep exercising and you will improve your chances of maintaining health, instead of getting ensnared by a nasty sinus infection.

Keep Moving

Gentle to moderate cardiovascular exercise and resistance training are excellent ways to keep your body’s fluids from becoming stagnant. If you feel like you have the energy to exercise even harder, just be wary that you might have lower stress thresholds due to the season’s impact on your overall immune health. This may result in your body feeling more fatigued than usual during a tough workout, or you may be more exhausted and allergy-sensitive the next day. Remember, exercise is a stress, but when it’s applied correctly, it can work wonders.

Be Alert

Another way to stay healthy during allergy season is to download an app to help you, like WebMD’s Allergy App. This will help you understand which pollen, grass, and mold counts are high when you’re having a flare-up. It will also help you see how your region and the fluctuations in weather impact your allergies. You may be able to use this newfound information to your advantage. For example, some people can exercise outdoors on rainy spring days when the pollen count in the air has gone down. Other individuals may have worse problems when it’s damp outside due to other sensitivities.There are ways to work around feeling miserable, no matter what your situation is. It’s important to be proactive and to find a solution that works for your body. One you do, you will hold onto those New Year’s results. You will be ready to tackle toning goals for your summer beach trip. You will be out and about at your favorite park or on your most beloved trail. Happy, sniffle-free days are right around the corner!


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