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20 Questions with Spinning® Master Instructor Jodi Mair | Jamaica

20 Questions with Spinning® Master Instructor Jodi Mair | Jamaica

Posted by Spinning® on Apr 18th 2018

This month, we celebrate our courageous master instructors and their favorite things. Find out why Jodi Mair stays strong with her power naps and her favorite local Jamaican dishes.

 Jodi Mair_caribbean1.      How do you stay engaged and connected with being a coach?

By regularly tracking the progress of my clients. When they progress, I know I’m on the right track and when they are stuck, I use it as a sign that perhaps I need to reinvent my program, my approach, or my strategy from a different angle.

2.      How often do you teach each week and where?

Four Spinning® classes per week all at Pedal & Wheel Fitness™ in Kingston, Jamaica. They are the only certified Spinning® Facility in Kingston and they “get” the program.

3.      What is a secret weapon that keeps your riders coming back?

I make it a point to “connect” with all my riders.

4.      What is your favorite part of being a Spinning instructor?

The ability to help people feel good about themselves.

5.      How do you get back on track when you over-indulge or fall behind with your goals?

I take my own advice, the advice I give to my students depending on the goal. But “having a goal” and sharing it with someone you know will hold you accountable really is the key.

6.      What do you eat for breakfast?

For convenience, most days a fruit smoothie (Blueberry/Banana is my favorite) made with almond milk, flax seed, protein powder and a splash of oats. On the weekends I love eggs and bacon or our local dish ackee and saltfish with breadfruit.

7.      Where do you get your inspiration for class themes and profiles?

I draw for inspiration based on my own personal life experiences. I find teaching from the heart is most effective and powerful.

8.      How do you motivate yourself when you don’t feel like getting on the saddle?

Most of the time teaching Spinning® classes doesn’t feel like work but on the days I don’t feel like doing it I break it down as work. Some days you just got to get up and go and then I remind myself how good I feel after class. On those days I keep the classes pretty technical (not much layering).

9.      How have you had to shift your approach, coaching methods over the years or for different audiences?

You have to shift every day, almost every day you have a new student who comes into a class of “regulars”. I had to teach groups of teenagers, which is a real shift and as much as it is easier to relate to women I am always conscious/grateful to the fact that the number of male riders in my classes have grown and so I must give them equal focus and attention.

10.  What’s your favorite ride profile?

I absolutely love Spinning Energy Zone™ Samplers.

11.  What song never gets old?

I believe that if you play any song enough times, over and over again it will get old. At the moment my theme song is “I Lived”.

12.  What is your pre and post workout meal?

If first thing in the morning, pre-workout, is a cup of Blue Mountain Coffee and post workout is my breakfast smoothie. If late morning, pre is a fruit or yogurt and post is lunch.

13.  Do you ride outside?

Once in a while. It’s one of the fears I am working on overcoming but it’s taking time.

14.  How do you avoid fatigue?

I am learning how to take power naps. Once in a while I take a week off from my crack of dawn wake up calls. Folks know not to contact me after 9pm because I’m usually in bed.

15.  Favorite fitness activity other than Spinning®?


16.  When not on a bike, what are your other hobbies?

I love to watch big sporting events. I am intrigued by the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat, and inspired by the stories of the athletes. I’m also starting to experiment with gardening. I admire beautiful gardens but don’t seem to have much of a green thumb. It’s a work in progress.

17.  What is your full-time job?

I am a Mother, Wife, Spinning® Master Instructor, Spinning® Training Coordinator for the Caribbean and a ACE Certified Personal Trainer.

18.  How do you find inspiration?

I don’t have to look far for inspiration. I have so many inspiring real-life stories around me daily in my family, my clients and my Sistas. Our Jamaican athletes are some of the best in the world and of course our real-life heroes who are fighting for their lives. External to that “music” rocks my world.

19.  What is a perfect day for you?

When my family and I are healthy and I complete tasks that I have procrastinated on. I’m not hard to please, I like to keep it simple, with good health everything else is a bonus. To really spoil myself, add in a couple hours at the beach.

20.  Please share with us an embarrassing moment when teaching a Spinning class.

It was back in 2008 but I will never forget it. My very first class! I had been certified two weeks prior and was asked to sub for one of the most popular instructors at the studio. I resisted for days and then one night in yoga had an aha moment. I had wanted to teach but didn’t expect to start so soon. An opportunity was now presenting itself (the universe was answering my call), what if I turn it down? Maybe I won’t get another chance. So I gave into the fear and agreed. I didn’t sleep several nights leading up to the class but came in as prepared as I could be. I remember seeing all these faces staring at me and of course I started to assume all the things they would be saying. I was really nervous about the stereo system as it was unfamiliar to me. One of the girls at the gym was kind enough to help get me up and running and I broke the ice by saying, “I know you are expecting an Instructor X kind of class but I am not Instructor X and so I will ask that you open to another style of teaching. This is my first class and I’m a bit nervous to say the least. Thank you for staying, knowing that Instructor X will not be here”. I felt the tension ease a bit and I started to breathe a bit easier. Class begun and music was pumping. Had my 9 songs and 9 movement profile to match just like I learned in Spinning Instructor Training. Things were going as well as could be and then all of a sudden the music stopped. Are you kidding me? What now? I encouraged them to keep going as I was confident I could get someone to help me sort this out. The same girl came back to assist and all of a sudden I heard a crash. A piece of the stereo had fallen to the ground and so immediately I knew music was no longer an option. Instantly I felt as though I had 104 degree fever and this moment was either going to make or break me. My thought pattern was, “run as fast and as far as you can and never come back or stay and save yourself.” My pragmatic self decided to stay and ask the class to help me teach this one. It became interactive and although I cringed the whole way though I was grateful for their compassion. That was by far one of the longest 45 minutes of my life but as I lay in bed that night I said to myself, “that has got to be rock bottom, I’m pretty sure it can’t get worse than this.” Truth is, it’s been all uphill from there. No music, no problem!