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Tips for Planning a Spinning® Event

Tips for Planning a Spinning® Event

Posted by Spinning® on Apr 18th 2018

By Christina CastañedaSpinning® classes are great for creating events and raising awareness. Whether you are raising money for charity or supporting your business, having a huge space with bikes, music and passionate riders is certain to draw attention. Spinning is great for anyone, so invite everyone to join in! With the right music, motivational cues and profile, your event can be powerful!

Power of Intention

Know your goal and the outcome you want with your event and stick to it. When you discuss the intention of the ride and profile, the ride will be “presented as one seamless ride and not several parts,” says Master Instructor, Isabel Shepherd Shaffer.One of the best ways to stay consistent is to write a mission statement. When planning a Spinning event, Master Instructor Luciana Marcial-Vincion says that the mission statement “must be sharp, accurate and powerful, than shared with all the event workers. It is only when everyone agrees and is on the same path that you are guaranteed to have a successful event.”

Appeal to Emotion

Add emotion, and we mean genuine emotion. Part of creating that emotion is to dig deep within yourself and “take some risks, be prepared, bring your passion and remember that you want riders to walk away having had an experience,” Isabel says.When people can add a personal, sentimental value to a cause, they are more likely to contribute than if they have a logical connection. Make every extra effort to hit the heart when it comes to planning your event.

Make Your List

Creating an event ride requires finding and booking the right venue, moving as many Spinner® bikes as possible into the space, and filling those bikes with riders. No matter the event, you have a long checklist that doesn’t stop growing. Make your to-do list, and remember that your first list is not your last, so write everything down! You’ll feel satisfied when you cross off more and more items on your list as the event comes together.

Team Teach

You and your event planners are tied to the common goal. Whether you’re raising money or drawing attention to your business, you, the event planners and the instructors share a passion for Spinning.When you’re working with multiple instructors to lead multiple rides, it is important to perfect your team teaching skills. When team-teaching, you must “allow each of your own styles shine honestly, and play off of each other’s similarities and differences,” says Luciana. “Team-teaching requires thorough communication in advance,” she adds, “and sharing music and profile ideas with enough time to blend and mold the final ride.”

Send Invites

Everyone has some press in their own backyard; the local news, bloggers and YouTube artists are right in your neighborhood. Find someone local with a following and invite them to your event. And don’t forget local businesses; when an event is anticipating a large crowd you can have companies or local food trucks set up a space for their products or ask them to donate product samples. Companies want to promote their products, and your attendees will love getting free samples and goody bags.

What’s Coming Up for Next Year

You’ve completed your event and set the bar high for yourself with such a tremendous success. So the first question a satisfied rider will ask is “What are you going to do next year?”It is important to “create an environment of thirst for the riders,” says Luciana. When your audience has high expectations, they anticipate a bigger and better experience every year because you were able to deliver the ultimate event.So what will you plan? Do you organize successful Spinning events? We want to hear from you! Contact us at and write “Community” in the subject line. Your event could be featured on our site!Attend one of our Spinning Global Rides and Events near you and see how the Master Instructors and Spinning International Teams plan their successful events.