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The Three Biggest Reasons Host a Spinning® Training

The Three Biggest Reasons Host a Spinning® Training

Posted by Spinning® on Jun 15th 2018

There are a ton of incentives for hosting a training or special event, but we will just focus on three that will create better instructors and a bigger client base!

These days, members are looking for far more than just a sweat-inducing workout. They want guidance from an elite instructor that’s not only motivating, but also knowledgeable and – perhaps most importantly – a true friend.

Spinning® has created dozens of continuing education programs geared to creating an elite instructor. The SPINPower® program incorporates the best intensity metrics available today to guarantee real results for your students. And the Rockstar Spinning® Instructor Certification also delivers all of the tips and tools to turns your coaches into world-class presenters. But there are many more reasons to host these kinds of special trainings beyond educating your instructors.

Here are the three biggest reasons to host a Spinning® training or event at your facility:

  1. Celebrate Community and Train with the Best
    With a busy schedule chock full of classes, chances are that your instructors or students rarely cross paths. You can cultivate a new crop of great Spinning® instructors in your area by hosting a one-day live Spinning® Instructor Certification. Or you can bring your entire instructor team together with one of our advanced certifications. And they’ll get a chance to connect with a Spinning® Master Instructor, one of a few elite leaders in indoor cycling worldwide.

  2. Get the Most Out of Every Class
    Your members want the most of out of their hard-earned sweat (not to mention their equally hard-earned dollars). Advanced certifications like SPINPower® ensure that your instructors are up-to-date on the latest exercise science information, as well as learning new strategies that will attract more and more students. Our continuing education program also offers instructors new strategies to keep their classes fresh so that clients arrive excited and leave feeling like a champion. These trainings are designed to help riders adhere to their fitness regimen and see the results they crave!

  3. Give Your Bottom Line a Boost!
    With advanced certifications and live workshops, your already-great instructors become even better. And with effective coaching that helps riders reach their specific fitness goals, you'll see your client base grow, your classes fill up, and your revenue skyrocket. Here is how you can host a training today:

    1. Visit
    2. Select "Studios" in the navigation bar.
    3. Select “Host a Training” from the drop-down menu.
    4. Enter your facility’s information and select the "Type of Training" you’d like to host.
    5. Click “Submit.”

It’s that simple. You'll receive a follow-up from our Program Manager with prospective dates to host a training, as well as the Master Instructor to lead your training or event. And of course, they'll be happy to answer any of your questions.

We look forward to booking an event with you soon!