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The Difference between Athletic Shoes and Cycling Shoes

The Difference between Athletic Shoes and Cycling Shoes

Posted by Spinning® on Apr 18th 2018

Your pair of sneakers may be comfortable to wear for your workouts, but during a Spinning® class, you lose half the power that you could gain from wearing cycling shoes. Cycling shoes are such a crucial source of power and comfort in your workout that we here at Spinning want to make sure you have the information you need before you make the commitment to wearing cycling shoes.

The Three Things You need for Cycling Shoes

Using cycling shoes on your bike involves three key parts; the pedals, the shoes and the cleats. The cleats are attached to the bottom of the cycling shoes at the ball of the foot. The cleats then simply clip into the pedals. Because many riders may not use the same bike with their favorite pair of shoes, they may want to swap out cleats in order to ride a particular bike. This is why shoes and cleats are usually sold separately.Follow these three simple steps before choosing your cycling shoe.

1.      Determine which pedal system your studio, gym or facility is using

There are a few different pedal systems on the market, so this is a good starting point to choosing the right shoes and cleats.All Spinner® bikes have pedals that are compatible with SPD® cleats. However, some Spinner bikes may be equipped with the dual-sided Trio® pedals, making them compatible with both SPD® cleats and LOOK® Delta cleats.. Most other indoor bikes are only compatible with SPD®, so it is always a good idea to check with your studio.

2.      Choose the shoe that fits you best

Spinning sells mountain bike (MTB) and road shoes. The ideal choice would be to wear SPD® compatible mountain biking (MTB) shoes, but road shoes also offer a more lightweight and rigid design. They are compatible with LOOK® Delta cleats.

3.      Choose the right cleat

Although you can choose your favorite color and style for your shoe and find the perfect fit, you need to be more exact when it comes to choosing the cleat. The cleat is the attachment between the shoe and the specific pedal, so once you determine that the shoe and pedal are compatible, finding the right cleat is easy.

The Rewards

Clipping into the pedals with cycling shoes will give you a more efficient, more powerful and safer overall ride when you’re on the bike. Although it can be intimidating to clip into your pedals, the rewards are phenomenal. Double your power and find the right fit, you’ll feel more secure and you’re guaranteed to love your ride!