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What It Takes to Become an Official Spinning® Facility

What It Takes to Become an Official Spinning® Facility

Posted by Spinning® on Mar 4th 2019

We often get the question: “How do we become an Official Spinning® Facility?” Today, we’re answering that question with three simple steps.

Today’s studios and club markets are as competitive as ever. They require cutting-edge solutions to stay ahead of the pack. That requires a commitment to bringing the most fun, exhilarating and effective exercise programs to students. It means ensuring that your students are using the latest technology, are seeing the fitness results they crave, and are motivated to come back for more.

Spinning® delivers on all of these fronts, and Official Spinning® Facilities are where the Spinning experience comes to life. We deliver the world’s best bikes, the world’s best trained instructors, and the original brand that created the indoor cycling category. We also provide the guidance, resources and support to make your indoor cycling program and your business even more successful.

So what does it take to become an Official Spinning® Facility? It’s only three simple steps…

Step 1: Best-in-Class Bikes

Becoming an Official Spinning® Facility begins with the purchase or Spinner® bikes. Our patented line of commercial Spinner® bikes delivers the feel of a real road bike and fits all shapes and sizes. They are built to withstand years of sweat and punishment that riders dish out on a daily basis, so you can worry less about downtimes and focus more on attracting clients.

The top-of-the-line  Spinner® Chrono Power combines three key features that keep the bike reliable for years. The powder-coated panels direct sweat away from the bike, leading to better protection from rust and corrosion. The Kevlar®-reinforced timing belt drivetrain provides a greater connection to the flywheel and pedals, as well as boasts a 10-year warranty. And not only is the magnetic resistance system more reliable, it also offers the most accurate power measurement on the planet, so you can be sure that training and tracking is precise.

Step 2: Top-Notch Instructors

If Official Spinning® Facilities are the life of our program, our team of instructors are the heart. They dedicate themselves every day to ensure students leave class feeling great and get into the best shape of their lives.

We support the world’s best indoor cycling instructors with the largest library of continuing education courses. We offer two specialty certifications – SPINPower® and Rockstar – to advance our teachers’ training and guarantee results for their students. With SPINPower®, instructors learn power-based training, the best measure of intensity on the bike, so that they can take the guesswork out of efforts and see exactly how many calories our clients are burning. And with Rockstar, instructors receive all of the tools of the trade that our global team of Master Instructors put on at shows and conferences around the world, so that every ride feels like a special event.

There are also dozens of live workshops and online courses to keep our instructors up to date on the latest advances in exercise science. And because all of these courses are available both live and online, there’s no limit to how much instructors can learn and bring these incredible benefits to students.

Step 3: A Licensing Agreement That’s Complete Free

Spinning® is still the biggest name in indoor cycling. With more than 250,000 instructors certified around the globe, you can bring the brand synonymous with indoor cycling to your facility. And signing a licensing agreement is completely free. There are no fees to become an Official Spinning® Facility.

You also receive the wisdom of 25 years’ worth of experience group exercise and programming. We’ve worked with thousands of facility owners and operators, and know what’s most important to your success. We do our part to ensure that the Spinning® program increases member retention and lowers the cost of ownership and maintenance to help maximize profitability. We provide everything studios need to get started and run a profitable program, from marketing materials to revenue-generating ideas.

From high-profile facilities with multiple locations to small boutique studios with dedicated members, the Spinning® program is ready to bring the world’s best indoor cycling experience to everyone!

Ready to become an Official Spinning® Facility? Visit our Facilities page at and fill out the form to get started!