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Three Spinning® Apps to Step Up Your Experience

Three Spinning® Apps to Step Up Your Experience

Posted by Spinning® on Sep 14th 2020

By now you’ve come to know well that we have a serious hankering for offering you the most innovative cycling products, education, and services on the market. Despite these challenging times for the fitness industry, we’re still focused on keeping you in the saddle.

Any type of riding you do, whether it be out on the road, in your living room with on-demand videos, in a class with an instructor, or even on the instructor stage—there’s a Spinning® mobile app that will keep you connected, motivated and on track to crush your goals.

UPDATED August 13, 2021. Keep reading for some great updates on our apps – including availability on both iOS and Android as well as an evolving content library with theme-based workout programs to keep your training on pace!

Spinning® Connect™ provides real-time metrics, workout history and more when you’re on a Spinner® bike or riding out on the road.

Spinning® Digital gives you on-demand videos with motivating instructors so you can hop on your bike and ride 24/7.

Spinning® Digital Plus connects your data to the videos so you see real-time, personalized metrics, zones and calories burned, as well as your workout history.

We're pretty convinced that these apps will help to motivate you through these trying times and beyond, so read on.

Spinning® Connect

Spinning® Connect™ is a part of digital ecosystem that works with heart rate monitors, cadence sensors and power meters to connect your ride so you can monitor and track yourself before, during, and after your time on the bike.

Install the app on your phone, and take it with you anywhere – be it your home bike, outdoors, or in a fitness studio. Say you’re in a studio class (either as an instructor or a participant) riding a power bike. The bike might already have a console that shows your watts, cadence and heart rate, but when you sync up to the Spinning® Connect™ app, voila! Now you see metrics that are personalized to you—your % max heart rate, % power threshold and your real-time training zones. (Note that you’ll need to enter your basic information like height and weight, or you can take a PST test in the app. Of course, you can also manually enter your FTP if you know it.)

Another boon to Spinning® Connect™ is that after the ride your workout will be saved in the app, with robust data like watts/kg and max watts/kg. Plus, you’ll see colorful graphs showing the amount of time spent in each training zone—both for heart rate and watts. These are all important training results that help you to track your progression over time.

Another bonus? You can use Spinning® Connect™ on an outdoor bike and have access to all of the same metrics and graphs.

Okay, one more bonus?! You can even use Spinning® Connect™ with other activities, such as running outdoors or working out on a cardio machine!

You may wonder if there’s anything that the Spinning® Connect™ App is lacking. That’s where the two Spinning® Digital options come in…

Spinning® Digital

Spinning® Digital is an instructor-led video platform that is perfect for a simple, pop-it-up-and-go experience. There’s really nothing overly technical about it – nothing to connect – just fire it up and ride along to cues and encouragement from your favorite instructors. (It works on an iOS or Android app, web browser or Apple TV among a variety of other compatible streaming options.)

Spinning® Digital Plus

Combine the ease of Spinning® Digital with the connected, personalized metrics of Spinning® Connect and you get Spinning® Digital Plus. Pair the app to your power crank or cadence sensor, plus your heart rate monitor, and you’re not only riding along with the instructor on the video, but you’re actually getting your individual metric feedback on screen! (Super motivating, right?!) And since the app is tracking your rides, you’ll also have access to all of your workout history. (Spinning® Digital Plus is now available on iOS as well as Android.)

Spinning® Digital and Spinning® Digital Plus offer hundreds of rides for you to choose from! Special collections include Beyond the Bike, which provides you with a total-body fitness experience; SPIN® Series: Zone Focus which guides you through training zones; and SPIN® Series: Peak Power, which coaches you through Peak Power intervals to benchmark, track, and ultimately improve your power output. Both apps also feature Spanish-language rides!

Now it’s up to you. Which Spinning experience will you choose?!

Compatible Devices

Spinning® Connect™ and Spinning® Digital Plus pair with these products available from or any  Bluetooth enabled devices.

For Heart Rate:

Spinning® Connect Dual Mode Armband Heart Rate Monitor™

For Power and Cadence:

Spinner® Chrono Power bike, SpinPower® Performance Crank, or SpinPower® Studio Crank

For Cadence:

Spinning® Connect Dual Mode Cadence Sensor™

Special note about device pairing options: To get all three metrics (heart rate, cadence, and power), go for the heart rate monitor and crank*. A cadence sensor will give you cadence (RPM), but not power.

*Consumer grade bike takes the Spin®Power Performance Crank; Commercial bikes takes the Spin®Power Studio Crank) While these cranks use the same technology and strain gauge, they are different in battery pack size and overall size.